Friday, June 15, 2012

A Late Start for finding my Motivation

I had a near impossible time getting motivated today. I just don't have any fun projects. Everything that I have slated to work on I've already worn out my enthusiasm on. I mean I don't even want to work on Charlotte's dress, and when I don't want to work on something for her, you know something's up. So I didn't do anything. I just sat around promising myself that I would goof off online for fifteen more minutes then get to work, and like usual, I never managed to get myself into gear even when my fifteen minutes were up.
It wasn't until well into the evening that I managed to get anything done. I started small. Might as well ease myself into it. I started by just putting stuff away. Despite my best efforts to keep my desk clean it's again become a catch all for everything at the end of the day. So that's where I started my clean up. From there I moved to the right. That's where I keep my spare Barbie clothing. Since it's such a hassle opening the drawers to put away one thing, I let what I need to put away pile up on top until there's enough to justify putting it all away. Today I was finally at that point. So I started putting everything away. While I had the Ken clothing out, I decided to look through it again. I sat down with Joe and started pulling out clothing and tried things on him. Most things didn't fit, which was no shock, but I did pull out a couple cotton shirts that fit him somewhat decently. I ended up pulling out three. Since I gave up on his last shirt when I kept having fit issues I decided to start over and draft a totally new one, using these shirts as a guide.
I didn't think I'd get around to doing that today, but I ended up picking the shirt that fit Joe the best and traced it to get a start. From there I made a quick test piece, then changed the fit a little, drafted a new pattern, and made another test piece. This is a long process. I made three different test pieces today before bed. I managed to get a couple things worked on, but there's still a long way to go. Today I worked mostly on the fit of the bodice (is it called a bodice if it's a guy?) I haven't even started working on the collar, that's going to be fun.

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