Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lazy Days are here again...

I had a super hard time making myself get any sewing done today. So super hard that it was in fact impossible. I just feel like doing anything for the dolls, so I didn't force myself. I don't have any pressing projects that I need to take care of, so I took it easy.
Sort of like a day off.
I did however find myself over on E-bay. I'm still on the hunt for those Ken shoes for Joe. I've already done the search for "Black Ken Loafers" where I found a pair of them for seven dollars, but since I had nothing better to do today I did more searches trying to find the same shoes for cheaper. Most of the time I didn't have much luck. However "Ken Black Shoes" netted me 27 pages of results. And darn it, I looked through all of them. Most them weren't the shoes I was looking for, but I managed to find out where my single shoe came from.
I've been trying to figure out how I ended up with the one I have. From my research I knew that this was a newer shoe mold. They weren't using this back when I was playing with the dolls, so it's not like a got a pair and lost one (which happened a lot). For the most part I don't think it was in use before 2004 (which is when I went to college and stop collecting dolls). And if I got a pair of them after college I would hope that I would have been responsible enough to not just randomly lose one. And I know I didn't own any of the outfits that I was finding these shoes came with, so I was thinking that I must have gotten some random lot of stuff in the past few years and this single shoe was in it. But then I saw that the Silkstone Ken gift set came with this exact style of shoes. Now I do own that Silkstone Ken, but I did not get him new. I bought him in a huge lot of stuff (one of my only doll purchases while in college). It was an odd assortment of vintage, new, and collectable dolls. All had a lot of play, and lots of damage. What I assume is that somebody collected Barbie dolls, and when they passed away parts of their collection were given to a child to play with and destroy. So I can only assume that this shoe originally came with him. I'm glad that mystery was solved! It wasn't like I was up all night obsessing over where this shoe came from, but it's nice to have some closure.
And I did find some of those shoes for a decent price. Ironically it's going to cost more than the seven dollar pair, but I'll be getting more for my money. I found a couple people selling lots of Ken shoes made up of four pairs each for around ten dollars that had a pair of these shoes in them. I have a couple that I'm leaning towards, but the problem is that out of all of the four pairs in the lots I only like some of the other shoes that are included. Usually there's the black loafers I need, a pair I'd like to have, a pair that I'm okay with, and a pair I'd never use. I'm thinking about contacting the seller to see if they'd be willing to mix and match the lot, but they might tell me they can't do that. Which isn't a deal breaker. I'd rather buy four pairs for ten dollars than one for seven. I'm just waiting until my E-bay dollars come up, then they'll be even cheaper. I just hope they don't sell by then!

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