Friday, June 29, 2012

Nice butt(ons)!

Let me tell you, it's been a hot one today. It was 99 degrees out there basically the entire morning. In the middle of the afternoon it finally broke the 100 degree mark and kept climbing. I knew that it was going to be hot today, but there's something about just looking a weather forecast that doesn't quite prepare you for how hot it's actually going to feel like.
But I have been taking precautions, mainly for the animals. The cats have been house bound all day, much to their annoyance. Whenever I'm downstairs they keep going to the doors and howling to be let out. I kept telling them they can't go out, and they refused to listen. It was well into the afternoon that they started to realize they weren't going to get their way. That's when they started lying on the floor in mopey piles. Glaring at me like a sulking child. Silly things. The dogs however were much more appreciative of my concern for them. I let them out in the morning when it was the coolest, and gave them their water. Around noon I brought them back in so that they could lay in their crates and keep cool. I went to go let them back out around four, but they wanted nothing to do with going outside. I offered them some water (which only one drank), then shut them back into their crates. It was seven by the time both of them were willing to go back out. So I let them back out so they could take care of their doggy business. I didn't worry about leaving them out there since I always bring them in at nine, so they weren't out there for that long.
But my day wasn't full of just keeping the animal's cool. Last night when I was in bed and trying my hardest to fall asleep (and failing) I was thinking about the dolls over on the sewing cabinet. Did you know that they're only six dolls over there from last year? Everyone else is from this year. And I was thinking about how buying those little buttons was actually in hindsight a good purchase since it finally got me to dress Free Movin' Barbie and move her from the sewing cabinet to the bookshelf. Which lead me to think about other dolls, already in the collection, who could benefit from having some buttons added to their clothes. I managed to find several dolls that could use some. I started working with Living Skipper first. I pulled out the stitches holding the straps of her jumper on and sewed on some red buttons. Just like with Free Movin' Barbie's jumper the buttons hold the straps on. I also did this for the back of the straps. I ended up pulling out most of the stitches in the jumper. Some I replaced by hand sewing, some I did not. The tension in the machine was kind of messed up when making this, so it actually looks much better now. Score another one for those buttons. I also ended up adding buttons to Malibu Ken's shirt and my most recent Midge's shirt. They didn't get an outfit overhaul like Skipper, they just got some the buttons added on. They're really cute, and I like adding buttons! Although it's a pain when I'm holding down one of them to sew it on and it flies across the room. But I'm really glad I bought those buttons. I wish they stocked them in black and white!
Oh! I also got some mail today, something doll related! But you don't get to hear about it today. It's still so hot and I want this computer off my lap. You'll get all the info tomorrow. I promise.

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