Thursday, June 14, 2012

Out on the town... hesitently...

No time to work on Charlotte's bodice this morning, although I'm not too upset over that fact. I'm quickly getting tired of having to deal with it. I'm thinking it might be time to tuck the outfit away again until my enthusiasm returns to it. But even if I wanted to, I didn't get to work on it, because instead I went out shopping. You haven't heard me mention going out for about a week, because I haven't gone out. After a stretch of time where I did nothing but go out I did a total 180 and wanted nothing to do with going out. I just wanted to stay home and avoid people. I was asked to go out several times during the week, and each time I declined. I just wanted to stay in. Honestly I would have skipped this trip too, but my hand was forced. My mom asked me to pick some more cross stitch stuff up the next time I was out, then it sort of became I was expected to go on this upcoming trip. I didn't want to, but figured that it would be easier to just go and get it over with, then put if off for longer. Plus I did need to go get stuff for myself as well, even though I was more than willing to wait for that too.
Also I was on a different quest this trip as well. On one of the groups I visit someone had put out a request for orange colored VHS tapes, the ones from Nickelodeon shows. She has an autistic son, and he really likes these tapes. Once he gets them he replicates the tape's label on his computer matching font sizes and everything, then he slowly and systematically destroys them. She said he's been doing that for about 14 years now. She also said that they're getting harder and harder to find locally so if anyone had or found any she's buy them off you (the cheaper the better). I knew I didn't have any, but I knew that most of the second hand stores I visited had a tape section, so I could look and see what they had. I managed to find two tapes while out today that were orange. A Little Bear one from the Christian United Outreach Center, and The Rugrats Movie from the Fleamarketeers. I bought them both, they were each only a dollar. I've already e-mailed her to get her address. I'm not going to charge her for them, I'm only out two dollars for them, and I can ship them out by media mail. If anyone out there has any orange tapes they want to give to help a mother out you can let me know through the comments section and I can pass the information on to her.
In my hunt for the orange tapes, I managed to visit all of the local thrift stores and several of the antique stores. I didn't find much for myself at any of them. I did have an unusual encounter at the Antique Mall. I was almost done and ready to leave when I checked on the dolls in the glass cases. They've been there for a while, and I've purchased a couple of them. My Hair Fair Barbie came from there, as did my first TNT Flip. I always check out those dolls when I visit that store. Most of what's left is way out of my price range, but I always check in on them. Anyway, I noticed that today things were different, several of them were gone. Now I don't think they sold, there were several things in the display that were rearranged, so I think the owner of the booth came and took back some of the dolls that were in there. They have been there for a long time, I remember most of them from when I started visiting this store several years ago. Anyway, from the case is a clear line of vision to the checkout booth. The woman working there as I turn to the exit calls out to me, "If you ever want to look at one of the dolls up close I'd be happy to open the case for you, and we might be able to do better on the prices... maybe.". I said thank you and continued on my way. While I would like to own any of the dolls in that case most of them are well over what I normally spend on dolls. It was just weird that the person added the bit about going lower on price (however hesitantly). When I bought my TNT Flip the people at the desk said that they could not do any better on the price, but that was more than a year ago. I would hate to see that seller leave or anything, but I doubt I'd buy anything from them. I can justify a thirty dollar doll, but not a fifty (or higher) one. Maybe if they brought in some more lower priced dolls I'd buy more of them... hint, hint, hint.
From there I went to Hobby Lobby. I went in there for my mother, but I just had to shop for myself. She needed some more cross stitch thread. I picked up orange, light yellow, and light gray per her instructions. I also picked up another bright yellow since it was only 37 cents, plus some red since she asked me to pick out another color that would work for flowers. For myself I picked up a variety of things. First off I got another doll stand. I don't like Hobby Lobby's stands that much, but they are cheap and readily available. The other day my number four Barbie fell over. She didn't fall far, just onto her side on the shelf she's on, but it still made me worry. If she fell onto the floor she could really get damaged. So I decided I needed to get a stand for her. Eventually I'd like to upgrade several dolls to Kaiser stands, especially her, but this one will certainly will work for now. And if I get a better one for her, someone else can use this one. I also bought some sewing patterns at the store. Simplicity patterns were on sale again this week, 99 cents. They don't have any new doll sewing patterns, sadly, instead I bought two me sewing patterns. They're 1947 and 1948. One is for a pair of pants, and the other one is a jacket. I don't have plans for them yet, I've actually never sewn anything for myself yet, but I eventually plan on it, or at least I keep buying patterns for me in order to do so. I bought the patterns to use in the future. They look rather complicated, so I think when I do start sewing for myself I'll pick an easier pattern and ease myself into it. So while sewing for me is a future project, this one is a future, future project. And in the future if I decide that I'll never actually make it, I can just sell them, I've got options. And finally I also bought a paint marker. Yes, another one of those Tree House paint markers. I was thinking that perhaps another attempt at doll repainting might be warranted. I wanted to buy white to play around with, thinking that maybe if I had an undercoat of white the pink I bought originally wouldn't stain. Also I have those reproduction sneakers that needs the white paint touched up so that could be helpful. They raised the price on the markers, they're now 3.47, back when I bought the pink one it was 2.99, so it's quite a price jump. I used my forty percent off sticker on it. And I won't lie, the white one sucks as badly as the pink one. I used it to repaint a doll's lips, and it has yet to dry. I'm a little behind on writing blog posts, so as I'm writing this, it's been over 72 hours since I painted it, and it's still tacky. I may be wrong, but shouldn't paint stop being sticky at some point? Maybe this second waste of money will finally get it though my head that these markers are not for dolls, no matter what I read online. I did learn that they are good for marking fabric. I've been using the pink one to label my prototypes as I'm sewing so I can look back and see which one corresponds to the patterns. So at least it's not a total waste, but if I'm smart I'll never buy one of those stupid markers. For something so expensive, they really do suck quality wise.
But that's not all I got while out, most of the second hand stores were boring, besides the few orange tapes, but I did find one thing that I was out. The Goodwill was our last stop of the day. I checked out the toy section and didn't see much. I toyed with the idea of getting the plastic Barbie horse stall for my horse, but I decided against it. I don't play with the horse that much at the moment, and I don't need another plastic play set that's just going to collect dust. I'm still apprehensive about them since the terrible Party Pad collapse of '12. I almost had given up when in one of the baskets on an end cap something caught my eye. It was a bag of Barbie clothes. Most of them looked pretty modern, but I did see one thing that looked to be from the 70's. I also saw a couple solo shoes. I decided to recklessly get it, and see if it paid off. In the car I started digging though what I had gotten. I had several almost brand new looking 90 clothing pieces. A few I recognized, but most I did not. The 70's dress (which I later learned was a best buy) was in poor shape and needed several repairs. I collected up the shoes that were in there. I had two full pairs. A pair of my favorite flats in a pearly pink, and a pair of clone heels in light pink. The heels ended up being too small for anyone to wear. I also had some solo shoes (as well as a plastic blue boot charm). I had a single pink mule, a red superstar shoe (how cool), and a black squared toe heel. I actually had the mate to the black one at home already. So I was able to complete a pair from my solo bags from this. Which is pretty cool. I'm not sure when I'll be able to use the pink flats (not totally in love with the color), but I do love having another pair of shoes like that. I think it was a pretty good buy for three dollars. Here's a photo of a few select fashions from the bag, I picked the ones that were the most interesting. I didn't say pretty because some of these are terrible. For fun you can guess which ones I like, and which ones I didn't. I'll put my answers at the bottom.

At home I didn't get much done after my shopping trip. I managed to put away what I bought today, but not much else. I really need to do a massive clean up of this mess I call a room. Pretty soon I won't be able to find anything I need! And that would be terrible!

My Answers:
A. Ugly, Plastic Bodice? Are you kidding me? (Dislike)
B. A really lovely wedding dress, so pretty. (Like)
C. Barbie's Victorian Great-Grandmother's modest nightgown, seriously the most modest nightgown ever created. All that's missing is the chastity belt. (Dislike)
D. The most un-designed party dress ever. So boring. (Dislike)
E. The Best Buy, kind of cute, shame about the condition (Like)
F. You might not be able to tell, but there's cherubs on the skirt! It's so tacky I love it. (Like)
G. It's a cute Asian inspired dress, but it's oddly high waisted, the fit was off even on Charlotte. (Like)

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  1. I guessed 3 of your likes correctly :O). You got some goodies there. Nice buy