Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pick a name!

I'm starting something new around here (which happens a lot around here, but rarely sticks). Since I have quite a pile of dolls waiting to be dressed I find my time fractured. I really don't focus my time or energy and so at the end of the day I find that I really didn't make any progress in any one thing, which is bad. So I decided each week I'm going to randomly select a doll from those waiting to be dressed to focus my time on. I have their names written on pieces of paper that I blindly select one of. That doll would move off the Sewing Cabinet and come hang out on the work table with me (and Charlotte) for that week. I'd do research on dressing that doll, but I'd also spend time brushing their hair and just connecting. If I don't end up dressing that doll, at the end of the week they are returned back to the sewing cabinet and another doll is selected. Also I should state that I'm not working exclusively with the selected doll. I can work on any doll that I want to during that week if I manage to find something I like. The doll of the week is just helping me focus my attention. I'm not going to hinder myself by forcing myself to work with them, when inspiration strikes I'm going to take it, no matter who it's with.
This week's selected doll is Talking P.J., a somewhat new addition to the collection. So it's time to go MOD again!
But keeping up with my "I can work with any doll" mentality, I did do some sewing for Joe today. The other day I had an idea to make him some swim shorts. I wanted to try a new technique, and today I finally got to work on it. And I don't really care for it. I got most of it made, but I think I'm going to have to tear most of it out and redo it. Sometimes that just happens!

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  1. You'll find a routine that works for you. Its a great idea.