Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spat's a pain in the backside!

I woke up ready to get back to work on Joe's steampunk outfit today. Now that his shirt was done it was time to start working on the next piece. Right now his outfit consists of five pieces, you know me and my love of separates. You would think that with the shirt behind us, the next logical step would be the pants, but I cannot make them just yet.
Even though yesterday I bought the material needed for Joe's pants, I'm still not ready to work on them yet, because the fit and style of the pants depended on the fit and style of another part of the outfit, Joe's spats. Yes, I said spats. I came across them a while ago when doing research for his costume and they've been on and off his costume since then. I do like the look (I think it's related to my knee sock love), but they're something I've never done before. I was a little hesitant about just diving into making them. But if I want them, I'm going to have to learn.
I found a pattern online last night to give the the idea for the basic shape, and I adapted the sizing, then printed it off. I didn't get to working on it until today.
I made my first mock up, and boy was it off. I was using Joe in person to measure the sizing against the screen, but for some reason no matter what I do I cannot get my computer to show the true size of how it will look when printed, and for some other reason I never remember that fact. Anyway, I was able to keep the basic shape, but had to keep upsizing it in order for it to fit. I thought that I had made a workable pattern, and was so bold to even cut it out using the actual fabric, but wouldn't you know, again too small. I ended up tweaking the pattern some more, and made a couple other mock ups, but ended up giving up discouraged.
I did realize a new issue from all my work. Joe has a very limited shoe wardrobe. So he has only one pair of shoes that will work for this outfit. They're G.I. Joe shoes, so they're big enough for his feet. I didn't realize how over sized they actually were. It's not that noticeable when he's wearing regular pants, but the spats really accentuate how gigantic his feet look compared to the rest of his legs. After I gave up on the spats for the day I was still thinking about that issue. I decided that I should make a pair of socks and fold them at the ankle, he could use those to fill out his legs and hopefully make his feet look not so big. I ended up cutting out a pair of socks, but I screwed up the pattern, so not only does the one I made barely fit, the folded up material makes no difference in the spats. He might as well not be wearing the socks. I didn't even bother making him the second one. I gave up after that mess up. I'm thinking it's time to take another break from the steampunk outfit. I'm ready to start throwing things. (You're up first, Joe.)
Oh, I took a picture. Here's Joe wearing his new shirt, and his solo sock. I posed him like he was wondering where his other sock was. Don't tell him, but it's never going to be made. (I will admit, he looks pretty awesome in that chair.)

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