Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Steampunk Resurgance.

Now that Sunday is here again, it's time to put away the doll of the week, and select another one. So say Goodbye to Fashion Queen and hello to... Skooter. I won't lie, I was none too thrilled to pull her name from the pile. She's the doll that's been waiting to be dressed the longest, so I really doubt I'll have much success this week with her. But honestly, out of the two weeks I've been doing this I've made no progress with either selected doll. I don't think I even sewed anything for them, spending my time on other projects. But maybe this week will be the one that is different than all the others, I would really love to finally get Skooter dressed.
But I didn't do much with Skooter today, I actually haven't moved her from from the Sewing Cabinet to my workspace. Instead I worked with Joe, but not on his shirt. With finding that cool pocket watch looking locket the other day got me thinking about his steampunk costume. I do still want to make a costume for Joe, it's one of the outfits that is still on the "to-do" list that is his wardrobe. But there's a variety of reasons keeping me from working on it. One of the biggest issue is that I don't know exactly what I want for him. I have several bits and pieces that I want and like for the outfit, but I haven't found the right combination that really excites me. Part of the problem is that it's going to need to be a companion piece to Charlotte's costume. But hers is much more youthful than his is going to be. I don't want his to look so much stuffier compared to hers. But that's just part of their personalities (although Charlotte's personality is very flexible depending on the mood I want her to be in), Joe is a lot more serious than she is. I mean he was wearing a suit for the longest time before he got his new body, she doesn't even own appropriate office wear. I don't want people thinking he's her father or something! I also don't want to dress him too youthful, that's just not Joe.
But at least there are options out there for him. I'd say I like more of what I found for him compared to what I found when I was searching for Charlotte's outfit. I did some more research today to get a greater understanding of what I liked for him. I've done several sketches over the course of the years that I wanted to do this project, and I won't lie, they're basically all the same, just bits and pieces change. My current idea is going to take some pattern drafting (just like Charlotte's did), luckily I think that what I'm working on now will be a great help. But I'm thinking that I may have to adapt the shirt I'm working on for it. It's not even finished yet and I'm already planning on adapting it!
Now I have a question for everyone, should I upload inspirational pictures and talk about what I'm thinking about, even if it never comes to be, or should I save talking about it if I'm actually working on it?

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