Monday, June 11, 2012

Still not right...

So like I said, I determined yesterday that the white shirt wasn't going to work for Midge. Honestly I wasn't that shocked, the white shirt was actually just a test to see if I could make anything decent from the pattern. I actually had a different shirt color already in mind for Midge, it's just I didn't have enough fabric to make it twice. So I made a test piece in white knowing that I'd be easy to find a use for it. With that being successful, I was able to make it again in my color of choice.
The color I really wanted to make it in? Yellow. I had just enough of it to make this shirt. I've been chipping away at that yellow calico for a while now, and this shirt was the end of it. I have two medium/small scraps left. I might be able to use them for an accent on an outfit, if I'm lucky. But anyway, I made the shirt. It came out pretty easy, I managed to avoid a couple of the issues I had when I made the white one. I managed to finish it today, but when I tried it on Midge, it too made her darkened face look even more dark. And that's not a good look for her. I guess I'm going to have to find a color that doesn't make her look so icky.
Any suggestions?

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