Saturday, June 23, 2012


So you want to hear the good news, or the bad news, or the good news, or the bad news?
I've decided to give up on Joe's steampunk outfit. It's just I really do not like how the shoes look with it. And since I have been so unable to find any other shoes for him I doubt I'll find a replacement pair anytime soon. And I'm not willing to put that much time and effort into something I know I'll hate. While I want him to have this costume, he's been living without it for a number of years now, and can continue to do so. So I gave up. Wiped it from my mental schedule.
After that I got an unusual whim to dig through my single shoe bag. Since I matched up that black shoe and got a new solo Superstar Barbie shoe a little bit ago I thought that it might be time to update the photo I have posted on Flickr of the shoes I'm trying to match up. I dumped out the bag trying to find the top twenty shoes to photograph to post. When I was sorting through I pulled out a couple Ken shoes. I saw one that was different than all the other ones I had. It was a loafer, but bigger than all the other Ken loafers I had. Since Joe was still out and happened to be right next to me I ended up trying it on. And wouldn't you know the blasted thing fit, perfectly. And it was smaller than his other pair of shoes, and it would work perfectly for the steampunk outfit. But of course I only had one of them!
After I found that out I spent a great deal of time photographing the shoe and posted it on both Flickr and In the Pink. I asked if people could check their single shoe piles for a match (which was really unlikely), or if they had a pair they'd be willing to sell, or if they knew where they came from. Someone mentioned they came from the Sparkle Ken Groom from 2008 (or something like that), and I found out that they were sold with a gray tuxedo fashion from around 2008, and a tuxedo with a pink jacket from 2008. Of course I remember that last one being in stores and how I didn't buy it. I WAS A FOOL! Ebay has it for some crazy high price, but I'm not willing to pay that much for it. So I'm throwing myself at the mercy of you my dear readers. If anyone has this style of shoe please let me know and how much you'd want for it. I can find them in Ebay for seven including shipping, but I'd rather buy them off a friend than some unknown Ebay scalper especially if they'd be willing to cut me a deal. (Wink, wink).
Anyway, this new shoe have me a new lease on the Steampunk outfit. I tried the most recent spat attempt on over this new shoe, and it looked so much better. Joe's leg still looked super thin compared to the shoe, but not as badly. I tried making another sock (another terrible failure), but I thought of something. Since it's going to be worn under the spat, I don't need to make an actual sock. I could just make a covering to go over the leg to fill it out. A legwarmer type of thing, but not. I made a quick mock up, and it seemed to work. I did need to do several tweaks and versions of it, but since it's just a piece of jersey knit with a single row of sewing down the back. I don't mind having to make it over and over again compared to some of the more complex things I've had to do over and over again recently. I eventually managed to make it perfectly, and made a second one and finished them both. They really seem to have helped Joe's leg issues.
Now if only I could find a pair of those shoes! At least I now know shoes that fit him exist, and since I have one I can use it to fit the spats, so I'm not totally stuck waiting for a pair within my price range. So that's good! (Right?)

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