Sunday, June 24, 2012

Took me long enough!

It's another Sunday so it's time for our newest weekly ritual, picking out a doll from the sewing cabinet to come hang out with me during the week in an effort to redress them. I didn't make any progress with Skooter, and I cannot say I'm too shocked about that. I didn't even bother taking her off the sewing cabinet. But now that her week is over, it's time to pick another name, so say goodbye Skooter, and hello to Talking P.J.... again. Yes, I picked her name out again. I thought about selecting another one from the box since P.J. has been selected before and there's so many other dolls waiting their turn, but I decided to stick with my selection. But if she's picked again so soon I'll have no reservations picking another name.
But I didn't much make headway with P.J., but I at least moved her off the sewing cabinet. Instead I did something different, but much needed. I cleared out the unfinished project box. For a while now I've been tossing all the failed projects into that box to wait for the day that I'll come back to them, but I've been very lax at actually going back. The box was super full, and was actually starting to bow at the sides. So I sat down and had to be very honest with myself about what I was actually going to finish. I looked at everything and made three piles. Stuff I wanted to finish, stuff I might finish, and stuff I doubt I'd finish. When those were done I broke down the maybe pile into yes or no. I put all of the yes pile back into the box. I didn't throw out the no pile, I'm not ready to do that. Instead I put it in the bag in the closet with the cast offs from the last time I did this. Eventually stuff will be thrown out, but just not yet.
Cleaning out the box had an unintended consequence. When I was doing it I found that 70's Best Buy jumper that was in need of repair. Both straps had come undone and it was missing a button. I wasn't sure what I could do to replace such a tiny button so it ended up in the box. But guess who had bought some tiny buttons the other day? And some orange ones too no less. So I pulled out the bag of buttons and pulled out an orange one. Repairing the jumper was actually pretty easy. I ended up replacing both buttons. The original one was much lighter than the replacement I had so I figured I might as well take it off and have a matching set. It's not like it had much value in it's original state. I also ended up adding a snap to the back since while the original button and elastic closure was still present the elastic was shot and it really couldn't close that well. Again, it's not like I was ruining a pristine piece, so I could do what I want with it. And I can always remove the snap if need be. I didn't take anything off when I added it.
When it was all finished I decided that someone needed to wear it. I did like this jumper back when I first got it, but it's repairs keeps it from getting worn. But now that I fixed it someone could wear it. But now it was a matter of who? I wanted someone from the 70's, but I only had three dolls from that era waiting on the sewing cabinet. Although, if I really wanted to I could fudge it a bit and put a doll from the 60's in it.
I did end up going with a 70's doll actually. I picked Free Movin' Barbie, who I've had forever (at least a year at this point). She's been a major thorn in my side in terms of redressing. She was wearing that vintage Barbie hostess outfit that ironically came from the same case as the jumper. I had already fixed the pants, but had stalled on fixing the top (I really wasn't sure the best way to do so). As time went along I realized it wasn't working for her, but since I didn't have anything better I just left her in it, but kept her on the sewing cabinet. I tried the jumper on her, and really liked it. It looked very cute on her. I actually like the fact that it's a skirt compared to the pants she was originally wearing. You see, Free Movin' Barbie has some leg melting going on. I made her a pair of simple shorts to wear under the pants, but I still worried about her melting into the pants and ruining them. Since the skirt isn't actually touching the melt spots I don't have as much to worry about. So I went through my spares bag in search for a suitable shirt. I ended up picking one of those turtlenecks that have always been my go-to for shirts. The jumper is yellow with stripes of orange and red. I don't have any orange shirts, but when I tried red it looked too heavy. I had to go with yellow, but I like it. It's a different shade than the jumper and since it's a solid color it looks even more different. And the best part since it's an early shirt and it had gaping in the back, her free movin' mechanism is easily accessible. So you can still play with her when she's fully dressed! I'd love to say that's intentional, but with the other dolls that have that issue that aren't free movin' dolls I can't claim that! But that was a happy accident. And now that she's dressed and not driving me crazy trying to dress her I can say that she is fun to play with. I've been listening to a lot of Electronica music lately and she's been dancing along.
I ended up giving her a pair of squishy red loafers from my stash. I'm not in love with them with her outfit, but they're the best thing I had. I gave her a simple hair style, but just pulling the hair back from her face. I'm toying with the idea of tying a ribbon back there, but I'm wondering if it'll end up being a little too... twee. But I don't have any yellow ribbon, so she's going without for now. And we have our second doll dressed for the month! I was really worried that I was only going to get one doll done this month, it's been a heavy new doll month, and rather light on dressings, so I at least hit my usual average. And Barbie here was a doll that I've been waiting to dress forever, so I'm thrilled to finally do so!
And her redress helped another doll. I was able to give her pants to someone else. I will have to make a top for them, but I made some progress in dressing a dolls that beforehand I had no idea what to do. So that's even more progress, but more about that doll on another day.
Today is all about Free Movin' Barbie. She's so happy she can dance (and not be arrested for public nudity)!

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