Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A touch preoccupied...

It's Tuesday, so that means it's time to work on my writing. I tried my hardest, but for some reason I couldn't connect with the practice document this week. I probably wrote a whole page, if I include what I deleted and re-wrote and re-wrote again, but in the end I only had about a half page to show for my effort. Some writing times are just more creative than others. Hopefully next week I'll get back into my groove and commit more to the page. I can always hope right? (I totally almost wrote "write" instead of "right".)
But I didn't have that much time to think about my lack of writing success, instead I headed out again. I know that I said I was ready to continue my plans of staying in and avoiding people, but I needed more craft supplies, and Hobby Lobby had some of it on sale this week, so I was forced to go out. Apparently the dolls trump my anti-social behaviors, but I don't think that's a shock to anyone who regularly reads this blog.
When out, I ended up at the stores on Sunset first. My father wanted to visit the Library Book Store, it's going to close in a couple weeks for almost a full year as the theater next door gets restored, so he's got to get his book shopping in when he can. Since I rarely find anything there (he always does), I declined going instead to visit the final antique store on the strip, the one I didn't visit last time. I figured since I had time to kill I should check for more Orange tapes, and see what else was there to be found.
I didn't see any orange tapes, but I did find something for me. In one of the stall I found a Ken doll. He's a Mod era Ken, and was marked simply as "Boy Doll". One of his legs was broken off, but he was only three dollars. He came wearing a khaki colored shirt and jacket that needed some repair, but I figured for the price he would be worth it. His face paint is different than what I was used to seeing. At home I found out he was "New Look Ken", and he was wearing his original outfit. I'm not in love with his face paint, so I'm thinking I might use his body for that Mod Hair Ken I like. But I am going to have to think about what to do about his broken off leg. It's a common ailment for the Mod Kens, but I don't think there's a solution out there. Who knows what's in store for him.
After that I went to Hobby Lobby, my main reason for going out. Did you know that Hobby Lobby already has a bunch of Christmas stuff up? They have a lot of craft related Christmas stuff on the displays in the isles, and in the fabric section there's already several bolts of Christmas fabrics. Of course I looked at it. I am planning on sewing more Christmas outfits for the dolls (I'm thinking every year a select number of dolls will get Christmas clothes made), so I might as well start looking at them now and think about what I want to make and for who.
But I was not there for Christmas fabric. I was there picking up some supplies for other non-seasonal projects, this time. Anyway, the first section I hit up was the ribbon area. It's on sale this week, and usually I end up going hog wild when it is, but I actually managed to keep myself in check. I only got a single spool of medium blue ribbon. Right now that dress I'm working on for Charlotte has a blue bow planned for the bodice, but I didn't have that color ribbon in my stash. Even though Charlotte's dress is on hold right now that was the only part of the outfit I didn't have on hand. So I wanted to get it so I had it handy when I got back to working on the dress. I would hate to get a second (or third) wind with this dress only have to stop when I didn't have the right ribbon. Now I'm all prepared. I also picked up some new straight pins. They were also on sale this week, and I've been meaning on getting some new ones. I've had several break on me lately so I've been in need of replacing them. I thought about buying the bigger pack, but I don't need that many pins, I rarely use up every single one that I have as it is, so getting a whole bunch is rather pointless. I just got the smallest box, for 1.50. But I wasn't done, I did do another splurge item... I was bad. It's just I had that forty percent coupon in my phone taunting me to use it. So I ended up getting that pack of micro buttons I saw the other day. They're just so cute, and perfect for Barbie clothing. I'm not sure what to use them for yet, but I know I'll find a use for them. I do wish they also had them in more neutral colors, but I'm sure I can find a use for the ones I bought. THEY'RE JUST SO CUTE AND SMALL! Sorry, sometimes I just get so caught up in the cuteness of it all!
But those weren't the only things I bought today. For the final thing I needed to get was some black fabric. Since I'm working on Joe's steampunk outfit I needed some black to make pants with. I've been out of black calico for a while and since I have been making do without it I didn't stock back up. But now that I had a project for it, I had to get some. I wasn't looking forward to it since I was burned the last time I bought fabric there. If they could screw up white fabric, how bad was black going to be? I was right to be worried. The only black calico in stock, was not actually black. Instead it looked like a washed out gray. I even looked at the markings on the bolt to see if it in fact was actually black, and it was, but when I held it up against some black broadcloth the color difference was even more obvious. Add to the fact that it felt like an over washed sheet I was not pleased about it. I put the fabric back and seriously thought about just buying some black broadcloth instead. I figured that either way I wasn't going to be happy with the supplies and since I would eventually replace what I made with one made from a better fabric, I might as well go with both the true black, and the cheaper option. I walked around the fabric section mulling my options, when in the discount section I stumbled onto something even better.
It was more perfect for the project than what I was looking for. What I found was some black corduroy. It's just perfect. And not only is it black and not see through, it's super thin. This is just perfect for doll clothes. I ended up getting a yard of it, it was marked down to four dollars a yard. I'm slightly annoyed that they didn't have any black calico, but it did lead me to get this, so it ended up being better for Joe's costume in the long run. Not sure what I'll do with the left over fabric, but I'm sure I'll eventually find a use for it. I always do. Here's a photo of everything I got at Hobby Lobby today:I should mention, there was a bit of drama going on in Hobby Lobby when I was getting my fabric cut out. The woman working the section was telling her co-worker about it as I was getting that yard of black corduroy cut. Apparently, earlier she had cut six yards of upholstery fabric for some woman, then she saw the woman walking around without out. The woman left without buying anything, but they could not find the fabric anywhere in the store. They had people checking all over for it, but still couldn't find it. And upholstery fabric is expensive. That woman could have easily walked away with over one hundred dollars worth of merchandise. And thanks to her I had to wait both at the fabric table and the cash out area to get waited on. I understand why people steal, but was fabric upholstery really worth it? It's not like it was food or anything. If that was me, every time I looked at whatever I made with my stolen fabric I'd always have a guilty feeling and never be able to enjoy it, but that's just me.
Anyway, back at home I didn't use any of my new purchases. Instead I worked on Joe's shirt. I'm glad I found that black fabric for Joe's pants, but I can't start making them just yet. There's a couple other outfit decisions that have to be made before I can finalize how the pants will look. But I am happy to say that Joe now has his shirt! His first shirt made from cotton that actually fits! I didn't have to do much to it, just hem the back and bottom, then finish it. I really like it, even though it's not totally perfect. It's the best thing to come out of all that hard work so I'm thrilled to finally have something to show for all my effort. No picture today because I finished it too late to have enough light to take a decent picture, you'll get it tomorrow.

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