Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Type, type, type, and Sew, sew, sew!

It's Tuesday, so you know what that mean, it's time to work on my writing! I skipped it last week because I was worrying about the dentist, but with that behind us I was free to turn my focus back onto it. Again I worked on the practice document. Today I managed to get the beast actually showing up, compared to just a growling noise in the distance. I did falter around the midway point, but I stuck with it. I did however step away from it for a little bit, but left the document open so that I would be more likely to get back to it today. And I did! I stopped about two lines short of a full page, but it was a natural break in the story, and I wrote more than I did last time. So I'm counting that as a success. I hope I'll be able to keep my progress up! Next week the action between Anton and this panther thing starts.
When that was done I wanted to move onto another project, the only problem is, I really don't have another project. I have several things I need to do, and while I am working on getting them done I'm having a hard time getting motivated in order to do so. But I did eventually pick something to work on today. You may remember a couple weeks back I bought some fabric to make a new dress for Charlotte. I got as far as making an underskirt (twice) and making a skirt that was deemed unusable. I did start working on a replacement skirt, but after a little while I got bored. I was also mad that my first skirt with all that work that went into it, wasn't going to work. So I put it away, or as close to as away we get to around here, off my desk. I've been looking at it, but haven't been really in the mood to work on it. Today I wanted to do some sewing, but not start anything new, so I pulled it down, and got back to work on it.
The skirt is in two panels. I had already finished hemming one of the panels, but only about a third of the other one. I worked on it for several hours today, well into the evening on it. I managed to get the entire thing finished today. I really like it. All the work was worth it in the end. This skirt is 90 percent hand sewn. The only time I used the machine on it was for attaching the skirt to the waistband, everything else was by hand. I used a rolled hem and a hidden stitch to hem both of the skirt panels, that's what took up the most of my time.
From here I have to start working on the top. That one's going to be the hardest since it's going to have a collar, sleeves, and needs to have a decent fit. I've been really dreading this part of the costume creation, but here it is, the next step. I just hope it's worth it when the entire dress is finished. So far I've had to make every part of it twice! Please let that streak be over.P.S. I should add there will be a front panel to this skirt, so Charlotte won't be showing off her legs like she would if she was wearing it as it.

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