Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why won't it fit???

I spent the greater part of my morning working on the top to Charlotte's dress. I'm not starting from scratch with it, I am using my usual bodice pattern to make it but I'm going to need to adapt it quite a bit for what I need. One of my biggest changes was going to be the bottom hem. I wanted it to close at the bottom in the back, but I didn't want it to smoosh the skirt down in order to do so. So I spent a lot of time tweaking the lower half in order give it enough flair out to be able to accommodate the full skirt. I made four different patterns for it today, each slightly different than the last. I'd like to say I managed to make some pretty decent progress on it today, but I didn't. I didn't even manage to get the lower half of bodice figured out before another huge issue hit me...
It was the top of the bodice. I've actually been having problems with this for a while now, it's the reason why Charlotte can't wear her Christmas dress without a bra under it. For some reason it ends up being too big in the shoulders, which then throws off the fit in the bust. I do like having the option of having enough room for the bustier dolls to be able to use the top, but this was waaaaaaay too much room. Poor Charlotte was practically indecent when wearing it. I'm going to have to put that top on hold for a bit and work on figuring out that fit issue. It'll be worth it in the end, hopefully.
I did actually make some progress on the top in the long run today. I ended up working on the sleeves. They're going to be fully lined, with a circular flounce. Today I added the flounces to both of them. They're only attached with holding stitches, but finishing them will be easy. Unfortunately I don't have a bodice to attach them to yet!
And I even made some redressing progress today. Remember that yellow blouse I made for Midge that I ended up deciding wouldn't work for her? Well turns out I made it for a Midge, just not that Midge. With my birthday dolls I also had a Midge that didn't have a darkened face. She can pull off yellow, rather nicely I might add. I actually had a skirt already paired up with the blouse. It's that geometric pleated skirt that I got from those cases I bought a few months ago. I don't remember if I mentioned it, but I learned that it was a Sindy skirt. Pretty weird place to find something like that. It's supposed to have a top, but mine didn't come with it. I'm not that upset since the top is kind of ugly. Anyway, the skirt and top look adorable together, just something that Midge would wear (in my humble opinion). I tried putting some jewelry with it, but everything I tried looked fussy. In the end I didn't give her anything. She didn't get shoes either. Not because they made her look fussy, but because I just don't have anything that matches. One of these days she'll get shoes, at least she's dressed now!

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