Thursday, July 19, 2012


2:30, the time in which I got up to let out the dog who was barking. He was barking earlier than that but I stayed in bed hoping he would get the picture that nobody was going to let him out and I could get back to bed, but he would not be ignored. So I stumbled downstairs to let him back out then went back to bed. I did have a little bit of a hard time falling back to sleep, partially because Waffles (the cat) had run into my room when I was letting the dog out and was meowing loudly for attention. It's like none of the animals know what decent hours are. But eventually I did manage to fall asleep (and Waffles shut up), but I'm still rather tired today. I think the dogs will spend another night outside tonight. Even if they don't get the reason behind why they're outside it will at least give me a chance to catch up on my sleep.
Even with my rude awakening, I still managed to get some stuff done. With the stuff I bought during my last shopping trip added to the pile of things to sell I realized how much I needed to work on it. So today I worked on that for a bit. I got four ads written. I didn't take pictures because I didn't feel like it and kept putting it off until it was too late and too dark to actually take them. I can take them some other time, at least I got the ads written.
I also did some sewing, pretty exciting, right? Haven't done that for a while. Except that it wasn't anything new it was a total retread of something I had already done. The other day I was playing around with Joe, enjoying his still somewhat new to him wardrobe. I noticed that his jeans add a lot of bulk at the waist. It really makes his shirts fit weirdly and makes him look odd. Sadly that's unavoidable because in order to have those fake pocket I really like you need to have the denim layered, especially at the waistband. I do think that some thinner denim might help, but I don't have any. Instead I made a pair of denim trousers for him. They're just a pair of pants that have the pocket details top stitched on. They're not perfect and I don't love them or anything, but they can be a stand in to keep the bulk at his waist down. I'm not going to bother dragging out the camera for a photo of them. I think if I did find some thinner denim I'd remake his jeans again. I was thinking about ways to remake his pants and eliminate the waistband, but I couldn't think of anything. Has anyone wrestled with denim before? Any suggestions? I miss Joe having pockets!
Good thing for today: My cousin had her baby! (She was due earlier in the week) Her name is Emma and she's 7 pounds and 1 ounce. Bother mom and Baby are doing fine!


  1. That's great that there's a new member of the family. Congrats to your cousin :O)

  2. I know, it's always so exciting. We've all been on pins and needles this week!