Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dolls, Dolls, everywhere and not a single one dressed

Let me start off this post with introducing you to my first Mod Ken:He may seem familiar and it's because you've all seen him before, just not all together like this. His body is the one that I bought one of the last times I went out (his original head had shrunk and suffered a hair cut), and the head came from that bag of stuff that I got at the antique mall a while back (Both legs had been broken off). By combining the two I was able to get a decent Mod Ken doll, finally! I keep managing to amass their parts but not the actual dolls. And the grand total for this Ken doll? Ten dollars. That's just the entire cost of the bag of dolls where his body came from. His head ended up being free because I sold the Brooke Shields doll for the cost of the entire bag. I mentioned her selling, but didn't mention what it meant. It also brought down the price of Living Barbie and Sweet Sixteen. If anything that I list (when I get around to listing it) from the bag his body came from sell his price could go down lower too. He might end up being free! That's nice, right?

Sadly today has not been much of a good day. July has been really terrible in terms of doll sewing. So far this month I have not managed to get any dolls dressed. They're really starting to pile up on the sewing cabinet. With Ken added I've managed to cover up the entire top with dolls waiting to be dressed. Seeing all those undressed dolls is starting to wear on me. And I have a variety of people and eras so it's not like I'm stuck on one particular thing, it's everything. I know I dredge this little comment every few months or so, but my spark is missing. Right now I don't even want to work with Charlotte, and I'm usually willing to always work on her.
But I did do some sewing today, or at least tried. I started off with another attempt at dressing Malibu Francie. I thought maybe her dress would work out better if it was shorter, so I drafted a new pattern and got to work. Turns out I don't like it either way. Also I officially hate that flowered fabric. It's so slippery and frays if you just look at it making everything so much harder to work with. So I'm done with that dress. Before I started I told myself this was my final attempt on that dress and it was a terrible failure. I'm sticking with that promise, that fabric is going away for a long, long time. I'll just find something else for Malibu Francie, hopefully.
And I wasn't done just yet, I also had a terrible failure for Bend Leg Midge. I worked on a dress for her, and it was just a mess. I was trying something new and... I doubt I'll ever try something like that again. It was just a lot of work and wasted material for nothing. The less said about that the better, it still makes me mad. So really frustrated and upset I returned both dolls back to the sewing cabinet, carefully making room next to the rest of them that are piled there to squeeze them back in. I won't lie, I was feeling really low. For a variety of reasons, partially because I wanted to dress someone and failed twice, partially because I'm still feeling blue from how yesterday played out, and partially because I'm feeling a little ill, physically. It was really a bad little trifecta to plague my Saturday.
I'm just stuck with sewing. Most designs I like I've done already, and I keep feeling like I'm redesigning the wheel at this point. And I'm doing research, I've spent hours today searching both 50's and 60's fashion, but I can't find anything that really excites me. I can find lots of stuff that I don't hate, but nothing that really excites me into sewing or sticking with it when the moment it messes up. It's annoying...
I hate it... all those smiling faces over on the sewing cabinet mocking me. If they don't stop it I'm going to go and dig through the clothing stashes and find the most terrible outfits I own and dress them all up in them. I'm sure that will show them!

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