Saturday, July 7, 2012

Every where you look! (I forget the rest of that stupid song)

Not much sewing going on here. And it's not like I don't have anything to work on. I have those two Francie dresses that need some finishing work and tweaks but not the motivation to actually do that. Instead I've been glued to my computer screen all day. Some kind soul on a forum I visited posted a website. One that it's mission is to watch every single "Full House" episode and review it, pointing out every inconstancy, lazy plot point, dropped plot lines, and just general unlikeable characters. It's a fascinating read and pretty gosh darn funny. I will warn you that there's a lot of language, and some sensitive topics are joked about (rarely), and he really hates the Olson twins, but it's really funny. I've spent hours today reading it. If anyone's interested here is the link: Full House Reviewed If you get offended, don't say I didn't warn you, or if you get trapped in front of your computer for days, you've been warned about that too.

But something exciting did happen today that I can share with you. I got some mail! Those Ken shoes I told you about earlier in the week arrived. My E-bay bucks money matured or whatever and on the 3rd I was able to use it. So on the 4th I weighed my options and picked the best of the shoe lots that I had saved. The seller shipped it super fast the next day. I was actually not expecting it so soon. It was estimated to get here on Monday, but I guess the cards were in my favor and it managed to get here today. I was hoping it would get here today but even though it got to Greensboro yesterday at 4:40 I wasn't sure of it until I had it in my hands. I'm so glad I didn't have to wait all Sunday for it to get here. For some reason it feels like whatever I buy online always seems to get here on Monday. Just my luck most of the time. But not this time.
So I got my four pairs of shoes. Here's a picture of them from the E-bay ad:As you can see there's the black loafers I needed, a pair of those gray boating shoes, a pair of black sandals, and a pair of sky blue sneakers. They actually ended up being a really mixed bag. I'll break it down for each pair of shoes.
Black Loafers: Yes, this pair. The one pair that made me get this lot in the first place. I learned something interesting about these shoes when I had them in my hand. They're smaller than the one I already had. It's the exact same mold, but the solo one from the Silkstone Ken is about 10 percent bigger than this one. I'm not really sure why since I think his feet are the same size as normal Ken feet. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't find someone with a solo shoe since then I'd have two mismatched sized shoes. Luckily even though these shoes aren't as big as the other one they still fit, if you don't mind that they bow out a little in the back. I'm grateful I didn't spend the same price on an outfit just to get these shoes and have this happen. You do have to jam them onto his foot, but I can deal with it.
Black Sandals: This pair was one that I actually did want, but not one that I would actually hunt down on their own. It is a cool shoe mold, and one that I don't have yet. I wasn't expecting it to fit Joe, but I do have several other people who can use it. I was right, they cannot fit Joe. Well, he actually can fit them, but since his feet are bigger, and has no molded on toes they look rather silly on him. They do fit Pierre (who's on the Fashionista body), but not the best. They slide around a lot. I don't think it's a problem with these specifically, but from the mold in general. They are cute so I'm glad I have a pair, especially now that it's summer.
Sky Blue Sneakers: These were the pair that I was totally neutral on. I wouldn't have gone out of my way to get them, but they weren't a deal breaker. They don't fit Joe, but they are a nice neutral pair of shoes. I haven't tried them on the vintage dolls yet, but they might end up with them, if they fit. But even if they don't the newer dolls can wear them. And actually Mod Ken or Malibu Ken should fit them, and I do plan on getting some Mod Kens eventually...
Gray Boating Shoes: These were the shoes that I was the most hesitant about getting. I already have a pair in this exact same color. But these are actually different. For some reason they're made out of a slightly thinner plastic. So if I cram them on they can fit Joe! If you ignore the bowing in the back and the slight curve at the soles. I'm actually really pleased with that. I've wanted Joe to have a pair of these shoes for the longest, and now I do! So that was a nice surprise!
Overall, I'd say I'm happy with this purchase. I'm not thrilled that those black loafers are smaller than the one I had, but I can live with it. I will say that since they're smaller I'm going to have to work on the spats pattern again. They're too big with these new shoes. Good thing I held off working on them until I got these new shoes. I'd be mad if I spent all that time finishing those spats and they were too big. I guess laziness pays off once in a while! I am pleased about the gray boating shoes though, and I'm sure I'll find a use for the sneakers and the sandals, so I'm thinking it's a good buy.
I do want to mention something about the shoes. I'm not sure if they're official Mattel shoes. I know they use the same molds as Ken shoes, but I'm not totally sure they originated from Mattel. I'm not saying their not official Ken shoes (and I don't really care if they aren't), but they seem to have a couple things different from the pairs I already own. It's hard to explain, and I could be imagining the whole thing, but I wanted to mention it. It's really not big of a deal. I have plenty of dolls wearing knock off clothing as well as my own stuff. So it's not like being "official Mattel" matters around here. In any case, if I was that wrapped up in labels, shouldn't Joe, who's a Hasbro product be using Hasbro shoes?

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