Thursday, July 5, 2012

Feeling Ew

I woke up this morning feeling like death, or at at least from how I was feeling I would have welcomed the sweet release of death. And it was partially my fault. I had gone to bed much later than normal. But the fact that for some reason my room turned into a sauna in the middle of the night and I was woken up from a sound sleep by someone yelling up the stairs were not my fault. And being woken up that way meant there was no way I could go back to bed and "sleep it off", so I was forced to get up and deal with my general feeling of icky-ness. So I rose and greeted the morning, or at least tried to to throw up on my feet.
My head and stomach (my two biggest problems from this morning) eased up enough around noon in order for me to accept a shopping trip invite. I really didn't need to go out, and probably shouldn't have gone, but I guess in my delirium I decided it was a good idea. I really didn't need anything, I mean, I hadn't even touched four out of the five fabrics that I bought last time I was out. I fear I'm falling back into the old "buy supplies for projects that never happen" problem. Perhaps another no Hobby Lobby month is in order? Or maybe I could show some self control and just limit my time in there? It would be about time for that to happen, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Since it was Thursday it meant that the Library Book Store was open, perhaps for the last time for a while, so we had to go. I ended up at the Antique Mall again. I had just been there a few days ago, but I was really curious to see what ended up at the booth that the dolls had moved out of. Turns out it was handmade jewelry. Which, honestly might not be that much better of a solution. I keep hearing that the jewelry market is pretty over saturated, but maybe they'll be lucky and be very successful. And it was weird, while all the doll stuff was moved out of the case, the doll stuff that that was on top of the case (inflatable furniture, box of shoes that I picked all the good ones already) was still there. If I was clearing out my booth for good I'd personally take everything. So I'm not sure if the doll seller totally moved out. It could be that either she's actually the person selling the jewelry, or she subleased her booth to someone else, or she didn't have enough room in her car for everything and left the cheaper stuff for some other time. I really don't know. I'll have to check the next time I'm in there to see if it's still on top. I have all these theories I wonder which one it will be, or maybe a fourth option that I never even guessed!
I also ended up at the Dollar Store while out. I'm in dire need of padded envelopes. I used the last one up a month or so ago when I sold my last pattern. I haven't sold one in a while so I haven't bothered restocking, but my cut ponytail needs to be shipped to Locks of Love. It's not doing anybody any good stuffed into a plastic bag and kicking around my room. I picked up two packages of the smaller ones, but they also had the bigger ones so I grabbed two of those as well. They work well when someone buys two patterns, or when I ship dolls. I also checked out the other sections in the store. I talked myself in and out of getting a small sewing kit. I really didn't need anything that came in it, but the small clear plastic zip up bag it came in was so tempting. I thought it would be perfect for Charlotte's stuff when traveling. Ultimately I ended up getting it. I really didn't need it, but it was a dollar, and I justified the purchase because I use that cheap thread when sewing pleated skirts. I use it to hold down the pleats before I iron them, and I hate using my decent thread for that since I'm just going to be tearing out the stitches shortly after I put them in anyway. This way I have no guilt trash worthy thread that I don't mind using up. So win-win, and I'm sure I'll find a use for the other stuff in the bag, eventually. I did have another purchase that I had to talk myself into getting, a doll. It was one of those cheap Barbie clone dolls, but I was shocked to see one. Usually they only stock smaller clone dolls. This one was different than the older clone dolls. On a whim I looked at her shoes. usually they have those annoying hot pink t-strap shoes I hate, but these had a different kind. They didn't look like any shoe I've seen before, so I started thinking about getting it. But the thing is I didn't know if the shoes would fit, or if I'd even use a pair in this hot pink plastic, and I really didn't want to buy an entire clone doll just for the shoes. It's really weird how I have to justify these dollar purchases when normally I'm like, "it was only five dollars so I felt I could chance it". Honestly, I know I'm weird, I just keep learning how weird I am. I decided I could get the doll only if I could turn the simple dress into something I'd actually use. I looked it over and decided that it would be possible. I selected the doll with the best fabric pattern placement and got her.
Good thing I didn't want the doll, she's terrible. She's scary skinny, and part of her hip is deformed. Her leg still works, but it's prone to just pop off on you. But it's not like she's staying around here. I took off her dress and shoes and banished her to the box of dolls to donate. The good news is the shoes do fit, but they only fit dolls with Charlotte sized feet. Her feet are actually slightly too long for them, but you really can't tell. I tried it on a Mod doll, but her feet were just too big. It's a cute pair of shoes, but nothing that I'm really upset only a few dolls can wear. I mean new shoes are always nice, but these certainly aren't my favorite. Now it they were Mary Janes and came in black, I would have bought every doll in the store. Are you listening Dollar Tree? Every doll in the store!
And I did make good on my promise to make the dress more usable. The dress was so shoddily made. It wasn't even hemmed. The only stitching on it was on the back, and a simple line at the top to hold the ribbon for the halter top neck (Which you had to pop the head off the doll to get off). It was pretty easy to take apart and reduce back into the cut out fabric. I ended up hand hemming both the bottom and the top hems. For the back I sewed it up on the machine. They had cut it out so it wasn't a simple tube, it tapered to the waist, then flared out for the skirt. I kept the tapering for the waist, but got rid of the skirt flair. This dress was a sexy party dress, so I have no idea why they went with a flared skirt when they chose that material. I also added two darts on the back to help make it more fitted. I also added two ribbon straps in a hot pink ribbon that I salved from somewhere else. And finally I gathered the fabric at the bust. Then I was done (Well, done after some seam reinforcement).I think it's really cute. It's certainly not something I would normally make, but I like it. And it's something that I would put into the spare clothing bags compared to the "I'll never use this bag", so I'm counting it as a success. Doesn't Charlotte look like she's ready for a night of clubbing? I hope so that was my intention when making it. Now I'm kind of wondering if I should get a second one to see what else I can create from it. The only thing stopping me is the fact that this was so easy because it was a natural choice to make from the fabric. I wouldn't know what else would work for such a bright, bold (somewhat tacky) fabric! But at least I lived up to my promise to myself!

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  1. I like your improvements. Charlotte looks great in her new dress. Those dollar stores can surprise you some times.