Saturday, July 14, 2012

Final three dolls!

Guess who got woken up by the dog this morning? That's right, me! Again he was barking to be let out in the early morning hours. He was even earlier today than last time, by a whole 17 minutes. At this rate he'll be barking to be let out in the middle of the night soon. Stupid dog. Like usual I was the only one who heard him, so I was forced to get up and let him out. I was so exhausted from the dog waking me up all this week I went back to bed, and fell back asleep. It was not the most restful sleep, but I certainly needed it. I'm really getting tired (no pun intended) of dealing with this dog. If only he knew time and the decent hours for him to be barking was. Anybody know how to teach a dog that?
Anyway, today I did more work on the blog. I'm still struggling to get out from that hole that I fell into when I wasn't feeling well. I managed to make pretty decent progress today. I'm now only two days behind on it. I even managed to get some of the pictures taken that I needed to and got the posts they belonged in published. And the ones that I'm still working on have a decent start to them. If I keep my focus and attention on the blog in a couple more days I'll be all caught up, I'll be in an even better place than I was before my migraine. Let's hear it for dedication!
And now it's time for the final group of dolls that I bought the other day. As usual, here's their photo:Up first we have Twisty Curls Barbie. She's in played with condition and her hair has been destroyed. Her body however is in decent shape. Usually whenever I find these dolls their hands are broken off. I'm planning on selling her body. Interesting note about her head, there's a factory flaw in it. Along the neckline there's a bubble in the plastic. It's pretty noticeable. Next to her we have Mego's Farrah Fawcett. She has the typical melting issue of the Mego dolls, but she seems to be in okay shape. Again she's going to be sold. I don't have much of an interest in her, but maybe someone will want her. And next to her we have Steffie Love from Simba toys. I thought that Simba toys was only a European company, but apparently they sold dolls in America at some time. She's a very pretty doll, and in the best shape of all the dolls, and she too is going to be sold.
So out of the nine dolls I bought, I'm keeping two. And not even entirely two. One I'm using for just the head, and the other one for the body. But those two dolls were almost worth the ten dollars I paid. And if I manage to sell any of the other dolls, it'll be well worth it.
Ugh, I'm so tired.

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