Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting Better... it's a journey!

So I'm still feeling the affects from my migraine today. I'd say I'm 70 percent back to normal, but it's that 30 percent that's lingering that's starting to get on my nerves. I'm fine for the most part, but sometimes I feel a little bit cloudy, and when I bend over the blood rushing to my head is not a pleasant feeling. Nothing like I'm going to pass out or anything, just not a fun feeling so I'm trying to avoid bending over whenever possible.
But I did end up going out today. I was hoping that I was going to be able to get something into the mail today, but I haven't received the payment from the person. It's only been a little more than 12 hours ago that I told them which e-mail to send their money to, but their total disappearance is a little odd. I wonder if they changed their mind and failed to inform me. People like that annoy me. It's really not that hard to e-mail, "I'm sorry but I've had something come up and I won't be able to purchase the item.". I've had to do it before, it's not fun but it's better than leaving the seller hanging. And if for some reason if things change and you do decide you want to buy it, you're on decent enough terms to deal with the seller again. I'm hoping that this person is just taking a little time getting back to me, but only time will tell.
I thought about not going out since the reason why I was going out fell through, but I already said I was, so I fell bad backing out after I committed to go. So I went. I really didn't have much of a reason to go out, but that didn't stop me from hitting up all of the second hand stores and a couple of the local antique stores. I did however stay out of Hobby Lobby. I haven't done much sewing lately and haven't even touched most of what I bought last so there's no reason to buy more, is there?
You want to hear something weird? Remember how I was talking about the dolls moving out of the Antique Mall? I stopped in today to specifically see if the rest of the doll stuff was moved from the top of the booth, and it was. So I figured that the dolls were gone for good. I walked down the isle a little more, and wouldn't you know two cases over were the dolls. Yes, they were all back, just shifted down two spots. I really have no clue the reasoning behind that logic. They're in the exact same type of case, just down two. They even still had the 20 percent off sale going on. Now that I'm thinking about it I'm not totally sure if they're all the same dolls as before, but I really didn't stick around to check. I was really shocked seeing them back again. It was really weird. Next time I'm in there I'll stop again and verify if they're all the same dolls or if there's any new ones. Although I'm not sure the next time we'll be in that area again. My dad told me the library book store is now closed, and who knows when they'll open up again. We might end up not visiting Sunset for a while!
I didn't get anything at the antique stores. Really not that shocking since we had just been there and they don't have that much of a quick turn around. Most of the second hand stores were pretty bleak too. My father and I both walked out empty handed from the United Christian Outreach Center and the Goodwill, a very uncommon occurrence around here. Usually one of us finds at least something. We were at the last store of the day when I finally found something, something rather good. It was a large bag of Barbie and Barbie type dolls. Nine dolls in total, most of them from the 70's, with a couple from the 80's. They were all in really abused shape, but there are a couple of them that I could use for parts, and I think a couple that I could sell for parts. It was expensive, ten dollars, but from what I knew I had I think that I could make back what I paid, and get some use out of it. I'm going to split up the post over three days because I think this blog post has been long enough as is, and I'm still getting over that migraine. Don't want to over do it.For our first lot of three we have, Barbie's friend Todd (I believe). He's in decent shape, but his left leg has yellowed and his torso is really loose. Other than that I think he's fine. He has a date with the Dollpage. To his left we have a Superstar Barbie head on a Ballerina Barbie body. The head is in decent shape with a minor nip on the nose and a haircut. The body is a serious mess. It's been chewed up and well played with. Both thumbs are gone, and it can't stay up on it's own. I will be keeping this doll. I'm thinking she will get a re-root (not sure of the color yet) and a new body. Not sure what will happen to this body, I might hold onto it since I don't think anyone will want it. To her left we have a 80's Barbie, not sure who. She's a pretty doll in decent shape. I'm not sure if she's had a haircut or not, but she still has a decent length left. She does have an eyebrow rubbing off, but that's her only problem. Other than that she's a pretty decent doll. She too has a date with the Dollpage. I know it's a blurry distant picture, but does anyone know who she is?
Stay tuned for tomorrow's three dolls!

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