Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Morning, Good Day!

I woke up again this morning feeling good. I guess leaving the dogs out the night before made them appreciate the time they are allowed in and they kept quiet in the morning and I was able to sleep. Well, Yellow Fellow needed to learn. Pach is pretty good about not barking unless he really needs to go out.
And I was still feeling that desire to be super productive with my day, but I didn't want to do cleaning. While there's still progress that needs to be made I did a lot yesterday and really don't want to do more today. I still have a small pile in the center of my room to chip away at but I'm still super happy with my progress from yesterday. My room just feels so much bigger! Hopefully I can keep it that way.
But I still managed to make the most out of today, especially the bright and sunny morning. I did get those photos retaken for the ads I wrote yesterday. I even went and dragged everything outside so I could use the sunlight instead of the flash in my photos. I managed to get Todd, Steffie Love, and that Ballerina Barbie head listed this morning all before lunch. They're all listed and ready to be sold. They've already been moved off of my bureau (where all things waiting for their ads to be written live) and into the closet where I store the stuff I've written ads for. I'm glad that I was able to clear off the space they were taking up, but it wasn't free for long! I managed to fill it back up again! No, I didn't buy more stuff to sell, instead I looked through some of the stuff I had stored in boxes. Dolls that while I didn't want to put on display but I still felt I needed to keep for some reason. A couple of them I realized I didn't want to keep any more. I'd rather sell them and use the money to get a doll I actually wanted than just hold onto this one. So I took them (I had two like that) and put them on the bureau. I didn't get a time to post their ads, but their day will come.
I did however pull out some heads from that box as well. One was a Reproduction Barbie Ponytail head (That I'm not totally sure where it came from), and the other two were Ken heads. Again, I was holding onto them, but I wasn't sure why. These I managed to post for sale over on the Dollpage today. I'm selling the Barbie head, but I'm giving away the Ken heads, except for postage. I just want to get rid of those. I'm happy that I got all those ads posted. It feels good to be clearing out some of this stuff I don't want anymore. Now if only I'd stop bringing in more to replace it!
Good thing about today: Enjoying a lime Popsicle when it was a billion degrees outside!

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