Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Also, Happy Birthday Dad! Yes, it's my father's birthday today. Sadly he has to work tonight so we're not doing much in terms of celebrating. Instead we're putting it off for a week until next Saturday when he's off from work. But I did make him some cookies today so he had something special for the actual day, Mint Chocolate Chip. I know he likes them since he asked for them for his birthday dessert, but I figured I could make them twice, or let him pick out something else for next Saturday, he deserves whatever birthday treat he wants. From the terrible job he's forced to work, he's earned it.
I spent most of my free time today working on the blog. I was already several days behind my daily posts before my migraine and when that happened I fell super behind. I'm about an entire week behind at this point. I did have several posts started and had something written for most of them, but they were nowhere near ready to be published. Today I managed to get about two and a half ready to post. Unfortunately, they were posts from the middle of my backlog and not the start, so I'm going to have to wait to get them posted, but once I get the earlier posts finished, I can add them all one after the other. And any progress in catching up in blogging is great in my book, especially since I haven't been feeling well enough to do so otherwise.
And now it's time for our continuation from yesterday's post, three more dolls from the bag. Here's that picture:And now a brief breakdown and my plans for them. Up first we have Mod Hair Ken. His hair has been hacked off and his head has shrunk making him look weird, but his body is in good shape. And guess who has a Mod Hair Ken with a broken body, but really good hair? That's right, me! I'm going to use this guy to make a decent Mod Hair Ken, so that's exciting. He's one of the better buys from the bag. Next to him we have a Dirty Ballerina Head with chopped off hair on a Star doll body. Since taking this picture I've already pulled out the rest of her hair. I'm going to sell her head. Hopefully someone will buy it to re-root it, and will be more likely to buy it since I've done part of the busy work. And next to her is a Star doll head on a Ballerina body. Yes, some child did a switch between these two. Just like the other Ballerina body this one is really beat up. I don't know what the kid who owned this was doing with them, but they are destroyed. The head's pretty beat up too. I'm not really sure if anyone would want it, but it's also got a date with the Dollpage. Hopefully I can get caught up on the blog, I've got lots of ads to write for the Dollpage now!

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