Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey there Sailor... ;D

Now that my father is back from Connecticut, and rested from the long, long, long car ride today was a shopping day. And since I needed to pick up some supplies, I went along too. And you know that we had to hit up all the second hand stores, we always do. Especially after a break from going out.
I really didn't find too much when out. At the Salvation Army I only found a small spool of ribbon that I wanted. It's some Christmas ribbon, or at least snowflake ribbon. I thought it was cute, and would work for some decoration for a Christmas dress. I'm not willing to buy Christmas stuff from Hobby Lobby yet, but I am willing to pick it up from the second hand stores if the prices are right. I didn't find anything at the Goodwill, which happens. At the Christian Second hand store, I almost left empty handed. I didn't find anything that I wanted in the toy or fabric section that I wanted. I did find a bag full of boys toys that had several Lego Bionicles. My brother has a plastic tub of those type of toys that he used to build random interesting things. I figured that for the dollar fifty he could use a couple more. It didn't hurt to know that they were selling a couple in their original boxes for more than twice as much as the ones in the bag. When we were checking out for the Legos at the front desk I saw a small box full of modern G.I. Joe 12" action figures. And I had to check and see what they had. They didn't have too many, but I looked over the five or so they had. Several of them weren't actual G.I. Joes, but I didn't hold that against them. I was mainly interested in them for their clothing. I did select one from the box. He was wearing a Navy sailor uniform. I've been wanting to make Joe a sailor uniform, but felt like it was too much work. I knew that there was a chance it might not fit, but I figured for the three dollars I could at least try and see. He was wearing the matching pants and top, but not the correct shoes. And he was only wearing one shoe. And wouldn't you know it I dug through that box and found the other one. "And I think this belongs to him." I'm not sure if I'll ever use the shoes, but I'd rather have a matching pair than just one!
I also stopped into Hobby Lobby. It ended up being a very frugal trip. I was hoping to pick up some fabric, but on closer inspection it was not what I was expecting so I left it. I did however pick up some red thread! Now I'll be able to finish that Francie dress... eventually. I also picked up some ribbon. A spool of thin yellow ribbon, one of medium green, and a thicker spool of mint green. I used the coupon on my phone for the thread and was able to get out of there for under five dollars. That almost never happens!
At home I used some of that mint green ribbon for an accent tie on Charlotte's most recent dress (thank you to Queen for suggesting it!). It's an pretty look, but I'm feeling like it's the perfect solution for my design issue with this dress. I took it off Charlotte and hung it up in her garment rack and kept the ribbon with it. Maybe some time apart will give me a greater feeling for what's missing from the dress, or maybe I'll just gave up on it and put it away. It could go either way.
And I did try the sailor outfit on Joe. It's actually really nicely made. Cool fact, the t-shirt under the top? It's actually a dickey. I thought it was a sewn in thing, but it's totally separate. Closes with a snap and everything. It doesn't fit Joe as well as I'd like, but that's to be expected. It's not made for his measurements. I've been thinking about making one of my own, and this one will be perfect to guide me in doing so. I thought it was pretty cool and should be mentioned. The outfit fit Joe pretty much as expected. The pants cannot fit him in any way shape or form, and the shirt does fit, but the sleeves are too short. I'm thinking that I can make Joe his own Navy pants, and I've been thinking about ways to lengthen the sleeves. I haven't come up with the best solution yet, but I may not even bother. He's just wearing this for my amusement. It's not like he's going to be accurate or anything. If I really wanted that I should take off the green face paint he always sports (which I would never do, it's too much of a part of how he looks).
The boots, even though not correct for the outfit actually fit Joe. They're for the bigger G.I. Joe feet, so they're actually pretty roomy. They're a pair of brown boots with molded on spats. These would be exactly what I was looking for for the Steampunk outfit, except I've got my mind (and heart) set on making my own. I'm just waiting to buy those shoes, but at least I have a back up in case the whole "making my own spats" thing goes up in flames.
And the pants aren't even going to go to waste. Even though they don't fit Joe, they're an interesting, well made, pair of white bell bottoms. I don't have anyone who can use them at the moment, but I have my eye on a Mod Ken over on the Dollpage that I'm just waiting for the money to buy.
So the only thing that I can't use is the G.I. Joe doll itself, he has a date with the Dollpage. I think he'll sell. He's handsome, incredibly articulated, in near mint condition, and has the smaller feet so he can use Ken shoes. With all those plus points and more I'm sure someone will want to buy him for their collection. I'm just going to have to get myself in gear and post him. Which sadly, never been my strong point!

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  1. you're welcome! :-)

    you'll probably get tired of my suggestions, but I have one for the sailor costume too... add cuffs. I think you might have some blue stripey fabric? so something like this:

    or maybe just a solid navy (hehe) blue cuff. google image search had some, but most were angled to mimic the stripes near the bottom of the sleeves. if you do the search, be prepared for lots of japanese school uniforms and naughty costumes.

    or maybe just plain white with a dark blue ribbon over the seam to kind of hide it?

    sorry, it kind of turned in to a lot of suggestions. funny how it's easier for me to come up with ideas for other people's projects than my own.