Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My arms are killing me!!!!!!!!!!

I had a rough night's sleep, and thus ending my streak of productivity. It's entirely my own fault since I pushed myself to play that game when I haven't done an honest arm workout in months. It was hard just falling asleep last night since every time I shifted my arm would hurt.
But I didn't learn my lesson. Honestly I would have played again this morning except that the Wii is in my brother's room (even though it's mine), and if you wake him up before noon you do so at your own risk.
So instead I ended up going out. I could have gone yesterday but was feeling super anti-social and declined, but when I was asked today I decided to go. I'm not sure why I'm still feeling rather anti-social, but I agreed to go. Since my father had been out the day before, I was hoping that it would be a quick trip and I wouldn't be dragged all over town and be out and about for hours.
But even though you know I didn't want to be out until the late hours of the evening I just had to visit all the the second hand stores, but I was sort of good, I didn't visit the antique stores, and I was was offered the chance. I also skipped going to Hobby Lobby. I haven't been in there for weeks now. If I wasn't also not sewing I'd be able to chalk that up to some decent self control. But since I'm not sewing, there's no need to get supplies, now is there?
Anyway, up first was the UCOC. It was pretty empty for my needs, but they had tapes on sale. On a whim I looked through them for more of those orange tapes for that person's son. I wasn't expecting to find any, since the last time I looked I cleaned them out. But they must have gotten more in since then, since I found three more! And they were on sale! I was able to get all three for a dollar! I'm not sure if I'm going to send them now, or hold off and try and find more. On one hand if I wait I could fill a box easier with four, on the other the longer I wait, the longer I keep from getting it done. And you know me and holding off doing stuff for way too long.
Over at the Goodwill I managed to find something for me! It was a Liv doll. I'm not planning on keeping her. I'm just stealing her clothes. She was missing her wig and shoes (they always are), but her entire outfit was still on her. It was actually still attached with those plastic ties that everyone hates (Myself included). For some reason I just had to have her clothes. I'm a bit of a jean addict for dolls. Whenever I see a doll with jeans, especially if they fit Charlotte I have to get them. And it's really weird because while jeans are my standard pant, they are not Charlotte's. In fact the entire collection is very anti-jean. Joe is the only person wearing them. Charlotte doesn't even have a pair on her garment rack. Jean shorts, yes, but not jeans. But I did like the top she was wearing as well. I've been using it as a dress though. It's a cute mod looking number. I'm thinking about using it as an inspiration for one of my dolls, perhaps P.J.. But while I have been thinking about it, I'm not that motivated to start doing it, so that may never actually happen.
And finally at the Salvation Army I got two things. I found this really cute little travel case. For some reason I've been thinking about traveling a lot lately and this looks perfect for some of Charlotte's stuff. I tried it out at home, and it really works well for her shoes. The bigger sections on one side even fits her boots! And I can store a couple pieces of clothing on the side with the four even divisions. Oh, and it fits Joe's shoes too so they can share. They are my main two travel dolls. I really like it, I think it's going to be helpful with on the road. And finally I also bought another G.I. Joe while out. This one I didn't buy so much for the clothes. I bought him basically for resale. He's got an interesting face. I've never seen this face mold before. He's got ears that stick out! I figured that someone might want an interesting face like that. (I might hold onto him for a little bit, I like his face too!) Also he came with a plastic holster. I didn't need one, but my brother did, so I figured for the price of him I could give that to my brother and sell whatever I didn't want to keep. I'll probably end up keeping his clothes, even though I have lots of military clothes already, and not that many guys to wear them. But still, I'm addicted to getting them.
I haven't even started posting the last stuff I bought for sale, and here I go buying more! I'm going to have to start focusing on listing this stuff before it overwhelms me!
Good thing about today: Playing more Mario and Sonic in the evening and not injuring my arms any further and getting more Gold metals!


  1. You found some nice stuff. I love the LIV dolls. I use some for body swaps awesome articulation. Nice looking Joe.

    1. Yes, I got lucky when I was out. I've used LIV dolls for body swaps before too. They work really well for Takara Jenny dolls, but whenever I find LIV dolls locally I only find the darker skin dolls. And Joe is quite dapper. Thanks!