Friday, July 6, 2012

One more shot...

It's been really hard to get motivated lately. Like summer rolled in and killed all my enthusiasm for every single thing I have to work on. Funny thing is, I'm sure that I've said that before regarding winter. So apparently whenever there's a weather change it kills my enthusiasm in general, either that or I'm just lazy.
But I did managed to get two things posted over on the Dollpage today. That floral too big for Chatty Cathy dress and that G.I. Joe I bought the other day are both now up there for sale. I'm trying to raise some funds up for some mod Ken dolls that someone else posted, so I decided to post some new stuff hoping to drum up some cash. I'm slowly but surely chipping away at the dolls that have piled up that I'm hoping to resell. Right now there's only four left waiting for me to take their picture and post their ads, so I'm making progress. Since it usually takes me getting something new to sell to motivate posting something old, it'll just take four more new things to get these four old things listed. But at least I made some progress in that today.
And eventually I did sit down to do some sewing. I wanted to try another attempt at making Malibu Francie's dress. This will be the last time working on it for a while if it didn't come out decently. I'm just tired of working on this project (and with this fabric) and while I don't have any other projects that I'm raring to work on, I'm more than ready to cut this one loose.
I started off at the very beginning for this second attempt, the pattern. Part of the problem I was having with the original attempts was the waistline. Each time it ended up looking bulky, and just weird, so I got rid of it. I took the bodice pattern and the skirt pattern and combined the two. So instead of having the skirt gathered at the waistline it was now one piece. I also widened the shoulder straps and took it in a little bit at the waist. I made a quick test piece out of the sheet and decided that it was good enough, so I cut out the pieces from the yellow flowered fabric and the white lining, and got to work.
It actually came out somewhat decent. I do like the silhouette of this dress much better than anything I made the last time. I got most of the sewing done on it. I am having trouble with the under bust darts on it though. I'm not sure if I should do full darts or partial darts. I do like the look when it's high waisted, but doing the partial darts does mess up the fit of the skirt a little bit. So I've got some design things to work out before I finish it. But at least I actually made something that might get finished. The other things I made from this fabric are all anguishing away in the unfinished project box, and I really doubt I'll eve get back to them.

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