Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Round Two in Town

I started off my morning with my writing. I really thought about skipping it, but since I only do it once a week, I figured that I should just suck it up and work on it. It was a bit labored, I agonizingly wrote about a third of a page, then went back and rewrote it. It was slow work, but I managed to churn out about half a page before I really got tired of the entire thing. But I had an idea of switching over to another character briefly for a reaction section, and for some reason that was much easier to write. I managed to write out the remaining half a page super quick, I even wrote a tiny bit more than just a page, which never happened before. I actually like the small section that I wrote. Maybe I shouldn't have started with this action sequence to ease myself back in. Maybe something similar to what I was working on today might be a better practice. I'm not sure if I'll stick with my original section, or just call it quits start another practice section. I have time to think about it, I'm not going to do more writing until next Tuesday.
In the afternoon I ended up going out again. I didn't need to, but I got asked over and over again so I ended up going. And I made the person who made me go, pay. Literally! I ended up at Walmart. Yes, I'm still boycotting them, but now that they have fabric again and Hobby Lobby's quality has been suffering I'm going to have to pick my battles. I did hit up the toy clearance section first. It's really sad seeing all the Liv stuff in there. I don't collect Liv dolls, but I know lots of people like them. I really liked their clothing quality. I don't own much of their clothing, but what I do own is really nicely made. Also it's sad when there's one less Barbie sized competitor because without them Mattel really phones it in. I mean if it wasn't for Liv we wouldn't have the Fashionista dolls. So I will always be thankful for the Liv dolls in that aspect.
I also visited the regular priced doll section. Looks like Monster High was restocked. I saw Spectra and Cupid. Both dolls I don't think I've ever seen in person before. They also had some of the Create a Monster packs, some with one torso, some with two. It was interesting to see, but I wasn't there to buy dolls so I didn't get anything. Besides I'm fine with the two Monster High dolls I have, no need to add more.
It was the fabric section that I went hog wild in. I got five different pieces of fabric, each one for a different specific project/doll. I'm going to play a little game with you. I'll post a picture of all of the fabrics and you can guess who they were purchased for. And since I don't want this to be impossible, one of the fabrics was purchased for Skooter, one was purchased for Malibu Francie, two were purchased for Joe, and one was purchased for Charlotte. So here's the picture, time to get guessing:
Would you believe that most of those purchases I didn't plan on getting when I walked into that section? Yes? Well then you must read this blog often and know all about my lack of impulse control. It's true I walked into that section intending to purchase fabric 1 and 4 today. I got dragged into Walmart about a week or so and saw both those fabrics. I liked them but held off getting them. I didn't get number 1 because it wasn't exactly what I wanted and I wanted to check Hobby Lobby again to see if they had a better match, and I didn't get number 4 because it would be a project for a doll that already has a lot lined up for it and I'm trying to avoid purchasing fabrics for something that may never end up happening. I almost didn't get number 4, but when I was in the section I saw that they were very low on it and didn't want to miss out on it. It's so hard finding patterns like that in the correct scale! Fabric 3 was a lucky find. I've been trying to find this color and pattern for a while now, I'd almost given up hope finding anything like what I wanted. I was actually going to use fabric 1 for two dolls, but then I found this fabric wish was much closer to what I actually wanted. Fabric 2 and 5 are both the biggest of the impulse buys. Those two I had to find projects for on the fly in order justifying getting them. Fabric 2 the details are still iffy. I'm normally not a big princess dress maker, but this fabric could change all that. There was something about it that just called to me, I had to have it. I will develop a project for this, believe me. And for fabric 5 it was in the closeout rack and almost gone. I had to get it or else risk never getting another chance. Also it was half off it was originally and it would really work for the doll I bought it for. It was almost like fate finding it! And I can't ignore fate like that.
I got a half yard of each of them, except fabric 3. That one's more of a sheer and I'm worried that I'll mess up a lot and run out when using it. Also it was the cheapest at 1.50 a yard so I figured I'd splurge. I managed to spend 9.97 on all my fabric (before taxes). Hopefully these will get me sewing again, even though 3/5 of what I bought are for people who really don't need more clothes. Hopefully the other 2/5 will be successful and get them dressed and moved into the collection.

1. Yellow Check - Skooter
2. Pink Glitter - Charlotte
3. Yellow daisy - Malibu Francie
4. Blue Argyle - Joe
5. Green Cotton - Joe

But Walmart wasn't the only places we visited. Since we had just been out to the second hand stores yesterday, we skipped them. However we did hit up the Antique stores on Sunset. And I wish I had something fun or exciting to report, but not much was going on there. I did see that the booth that I bought Ricky, Living Skipper, and Talking P.J. from had reorganized. The remaining few dolls (Malibu Barbie, Malibu Ken, and that overpriced Skooter doll) had moved up in the curio cabinet, as did the basket of clothing. The clothing was still jammed into that basket where you couldn't see the price tags OR the clothing in the bags (why the seller thinks that's a logical way to sell stuff, I'll never know). I did however see that they had a Sears exclusive Skipper outfit. The seller had marked on there that the book price was 350.00, but failed to mention the fact (I assume) that's the highest price listed in that book, for a pristine MIB unplayed with version, not an used version. Just a touch misleading. But I'm not really interested in that stuff, just wanted to share with you all my feelings.
There was also some doll activity going on at the Antique Mall. Remember how I said that the person with the booth full of dolls had some missing the last time I was there? Well this time there were three women there cleaning out the entire shelf unit. One of them I recognized as the woman who sometimes works behind the counter. I guess that the woman that owned decided that the booth wasn't worth it. I didn't see what they were setting up in it's place. I'm a little sad about this doll person leaving, but not overly so. I had my chance getting these dolls for years now and haven't bothered. They're just too much out of my price bracket. But I will enjoy the dolls that I got from there. I'm just not going to tell them that there's no chance for their Antique store brethren will be joining here!

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