Sunday, July 8, 2012


Since it's Sunday it's time to put away our last "Doll of the week" and pick out a new one. Poor TNT Flip Barbie was completely ignored this week. I don't even think I touched her except a few times to move her out of my way. I'm not really sure if she should really be included anymore. Since she's on a temporary body that has some leg melting (and one that won't stay on), I'm thinking she might need to be retired from rotation. But she's not doing any harm over on the sewing cabinet. What I'm ultimately saying is if I pull her name out again, I might just skip it. But anyway, the next name I picked for this week was Malibu Francie! She's actually already over on my work desk since she's still waiting for me to get back to working on her dress. So I took it as a sign that that will be the dress for her once it's finished. But I didn't make much progress on it today, in fact I made none on it whatsoever.
I did do a little work on that straight leg Francie dress I started even earlier than Malibu Francie dress, but not much. The skirt again continues to be a terrible pain. I think I'm going to have to tear it out again and pin it up one more time. I'm getting worried that the dress won't stand up to all the resewing I keep putting it through. I'm not sure why I'm being such a stickler on this one issue, it's not like the rest of the dress is perfect. Honestly, I just don't feel like working on either dress. I do like them, and right now both of them will be worn by their intended dolls, but neither of them are that exciting. I just want them done, but I don't want to work on finishing them.
I'm just continuing to be lazy I guess. Anybody want to give me the kick in the pants I so desperately need?

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