Sunday, July 22, 2012

Starting Fresh

Since it's Sunday it's time to put away the doll of the week and select a new one. I didn't mention this last week, but there was a doll of the week. It was Straight Leg Francie, and I made absolutely no progress on her. I didn't even take her off the sewing cabinet. I actually didn't pick a name this week, instead I did something different. I chose three dolls from the sewing cabinet, one from each era. We had Malibu Francie (not that many dolls from the 70s' to pick from), Mod Ken, and the Lemon Bubblecut. I'm thinking that maybe I'll have better luck if I have a wider net to cast with instead of focusing on one specific doll. I do know the irony of this statement since I started this doll of the week because I felt I needed to focus on one doll instead of everyone. What can I say, I love making rules for myself only to break them.
While I'm (back) on square one with Malibu Francie and the Lemon Bubblecut, Ken actually had a bit of a head start with his dressing. I had kept out those white bell bottom pants that I had gotten with that Sailor G.I. Joe to try on him. They had made their way to the sewing cabinet, but not onto him yet. So I started off with putting them on him. They took a little work getting up his legs, but eventually I managed to do so. They fit pretty decently. They were a little loose in the waist, but not terribly so. I liked the look so I decided he was going to keep those pants. Look at that, I just started and he's already halfway dressed! I just needed to make him a shirt.
I spent a little time thinking about what Mod fabric I had that would work for a shirt. I really don't have much in way of Mod fabrics. But I did remember something. A while back I bought a bag of vintage fabric scraps. I can't remember if I shared that with you or not, but I had most recently used it to make Malibu Skipper's shirt. It has lots of good fabrics in the bag, but I am not kidding when I say it's scraps. Some of the pieces are too small for even me to use. But I digress. I remembered that when I was first looking through the bag there was some fabric that I thought would be perfect for a Mod Ken shirt. Since I didn't have a Mod Ken at that time I squirreled that information away, and then promptly forgot. Today having Ken in pants and needing a shirt unearthed that little nut and I dug through the bag. Sure enough in it was a fabric that would be perfect for his shirt. And I had enough fabric to make it. I might even have enough fabric to make a second one if I'm careful when I'm cutting out the first one. I do like that safety net in case I mess up the first!
I pulled out the usual Ken shirt pattern and got to work. For some reason I have decent luck when sewing Ken shirts. I mean, they're not perfect, but they seem to come out better than other things I sew, especially when they always have both collars and inset sleeves to trip me up on. Anyway, I did have some issues with the collar with this one, but I was able to eventually get it to work. I originally was thinking about making it short sleeves, but when I was cutting them out I decided to make them long, they do look better like that. I managed to get all of the initial sewing done today. But when I was looking at it all together, something wasn't working. I liked the shirt and the pants, just not together. I think it's because the pants are blindingly white and there's no white in the pattern of the shirt to tie them together. There is however some tan. I decided to make him some new pants in tan and hold onto the white bell bottoms. It makes more work for me, but in the long run I'll like it better. I held off on making them because it was already so late I didn't want to start something new.
But then I remembered I had tan pants in the unfinished project box. They were the pants that came with New Look Ken a couple of weeks ago. They had a spot where the seam was breaking and the elastic in the back was shot. I stuck them into the box even though I really never planned on fixing them any time soon. I fished them out and tried them on with the shirt. They actually looked really good. I'm going to have to figure out a way to fix them, but he's going to be keeping these pants. That white pair can be used for some other Mod Ken, whomever that may be.
I really like how this is turning. Barring any huge issues coming up, he'll end up wearing this outfit. But it needs to be finished first, and that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. It's much too late to work on it right now. I'll do that tomorrow after a night's sleep.
It's exciting though! I haven't done much sewing lately, much less successful sewing!

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