Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time Makes Fools of us All...

My morning started off eerily similar to yesterday. Again I got woken up by the dog. This time however it was even earlier than yesterday, by a full two hours. I don't know what his problem was, but he was certainly insistent that he be let out. And I continue to be the only person in a house full of people who are able to hear his barks. So again I got up and let him out. Since I was downstairs I also let out the other dog, and the cats. And then lumbered back upstairs.
Even though I was still exhaused and wished I could go back to bed I knew I couldn't. Whenever I'm woken up in the morning I have a hard time getting back to sleep, and since not only was I up I was moving around I knew I was fully awake for the day, even though I wish I could go back to sleep and get more rest. I was just going to have to deal with being tired. I hope the dog is happy with what I sacrificed for him.
I was still having some issues from the migraine from yesterday. My head is still tender especially in the spot where the worst pain was coming from yesterday. I'm also feeling a bit cloudy. I don't think that's from the migraine, I think that's from being tired, either way not a fun combo.
So I took it easy today. I never have much success when I sew when this tired, and add to that the left over migraine symptoms, recipe for disaster! So I spent most of my day goofing off online and resting.
But I did feel a little bored just sitting around, so I ended up picking up a few things. Again the room is a mess, so I felt that every little bit helped. So I picked up and put away about 15 things. One of the things I picked up was a Skipper dress that had fallen onto the floor. If I remember correctly it came from that doll lot I got for my birthday two years ago (was that really two years ago?). It was a handmade dress and while I liked the skirt fabric and pleating, the top was really poorly made and that fabric was pretty terrible. I stuck it somewhere since I didn't know what to do with it, and it's been there ever since. But when I found it today, I had an idea, why don't I just take apart the skirt and top? I knew that I'd never use it as is. I didn't care for the look so I'd never put a Skipper doll in it, but I would use the skirt as a separate for Charlotte. It would be a little short, but that's how she wears her skirts.
I started off by fixing the hem. Whoever made it originally had some trouble with that. At the back of the skirt there's a spot that's unhemmed. This skirt has a seriously small seam allowance so there was no way that I'd be able to flip it up and hem it myself. I would have redone the entire hem, but the seam allowance was so tiny I'd have to take it a lot of the skirt in order to do that. This was already going to be a short skirt, and I didn't want to make it any shorter. I ended up taking some red bias tape I had and using that to cover the entire hem. I basically wrapped it around the skirt hem and tacked it down. That way I covered the unhemmed part, and kept the length. I did that by hand, and it took me a while since I didn't want my stitches to show on the outside layer. Once that was done I ended up taking off the original top. I held off doing that originally since I didn't want to take apart the dress in case I decided I didn't like how the red bias tape worked out. But since I liked how it looked, the next step was taking the dress apart.
I believe the person who made the dress used something like a ruffler to make the gathers on the skirt. It is a really pretty look, and I wish I figured out how to make my ruffler do such detailed work. Luckily the line of stitches that gathered the skirt was still there. I was able to remove the simple top and keep the skirt exactly how it was. I ended up making a new waistband out of more of the red bias tape. I was actually able to add the waistband higher than the original top, so the skirt is actually slightly longer than it originally was. To attach the bias tape to the skirt this time I used the machine to sew it down. I wanted it really held in place. After that I did my usual finishing work. I ended up using a new snap instead or reusing the original one. The older one was a bit rusty. And since I had to add whatever snap I chose I ended up going with a new one. And I was done! Here's the finished skirt:I do like it. It's very cute. Not sure how much use I'll get out of it, but I'm sure I'll get more use out of it like this than how much it got used as a dress. And I was finally able to put it away. That thing's been kicking around for almost two years. But now it's taken care of, and I got a cute skirt out of it!

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