Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome Back!

Now that Sunday is upon us it's time to say goodbye to Talking P.J. as she returns back to the sewing cabinet since her week is up and it's time to pick another name. Not to sound like a broken record, but I made no progress with P.J. at all during the week. In fact I barely touched her during her stay on my work station. As we say our goodbyes, let's also extend some welcomes to this week's doll, my TNT Flip. This is her first time selected, and while I wish I could say I had hope she'd get dressed this week, I actually don't have much hope. This newest weekly tradition has yet to net any results, but it's relatively painless, so I've kept it up. And maybe one of these weeks I'll manage to get the selected doll dressed.
I didn't get much progress on any doll stuff today because I had other pressing stuff to work on. You see my parent's came home last night. They have been up in Connecticut for the past couple of days visiting my grandparents and getting more stuff out of storage. I didn't mention it on the blog because you'd tell your friends, then they'd tell their friends, then everyone would show up for a house destroying party, and I'd have to do some wacky stuff to repair my mother's crystal egg, or my dad's car, or something like that. And I really did not have the energy for all that nonsense, but I didn't have enough chips for a party, so I just kept my mouth shut. But now that they're back I can talk about it.
So I spent my afternoon bringing stuff in from the truck in the 95+ degree weather. Believe me I had to take lots of breaks. I managed to get about half of it brought in on my own, but I had help for the second half. Now comes the hard part, sorting through everything and finding a place for what we can't get rid of, and finally get rid of what we should have pitched a long time ago. Sadly we're all so terrible at that part it usually ends up taking longer than it should be. Right now the living room is a cluttered mess. Hopefully this time we'll manage to deal with it all in a decent amount of time. I'll do what I can, but there's only so much I can do on my own. Most of it isn't my stuff! I think I'm going to make a goal to dig through and put away five things a day. That's a manageable number, and I know I can do it. But like I said, once I put away what I can there's nothing I can do. But at least I can do my part, and at least I'm trying, right?

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