Monday, July 30, 2012

Whatta Haul! Part Four

All right, now it's time for our final doll that I purchased from the Swell Doll shop. You might have noticed that my purchases have been very.... Non-Barbie. So far out of all that you've seen they've been friends or family of Barbie, plus that one Barbie body. Well this one is going to be different, because... the last doll is Barbie! She's a TNT Barbie, my second one in the collection. This one's different because she's a brunette, my first one was a blonde. Actually as I was corrected on Flickr, she's CoCo Go-Go, and my first was was Summer Sand. (Whatever! :P)
She was one of the last dolls I picked to buy. I was looking to buy a vintage doll, but when I saw her face I just could not leave her there. She's just so pretty. I knew that if I left her someone else would buy her and I'd be kicking myself for missing out on such a lovely doll. She does have some issues, missing eyelashes, some empty hair plus, I believe a hair trim in spots, her face has paling, some spotting on her legs, some feet chews, and some breast punctures. But those are easily ignored or concealed. She was the second doll that I washed and worked on her hair. She was basically already pretty clean, but I did have to scrub her legs, especially the feet. I guess this girl had spent a lot of time outdoors without shoes, the bottom of her feet had dirt caked on!
And that was the final doll that I bought at the Swell Doll Shop! I've finally reached the end of sharing all of that with you! Now.... it's time to share the clothing that I bought. But at least we have a light at the end of the tunnel. Also this should be a bit more exciting since this is totally new. Nobody else has seen what I'm about to share with you. I know you're all super excited!
Like I said in the general post about my experiences with the Swell Doll shop, when I was looking through the tub of doll clothes I picked pieces that needed repair work that I could do, or I could live with if I couldn't manage to fix it. The majority of what I got here was vintage Barbie, with a couple modern pieces, and a couple for Ken or Skipper. A few of them I had ideas for who was going to get them, some of them I just wanted. Up first we have the overdress to Orange Blossom. While I like this vintage outfit, I was never expecting to get it myself. It's a little too dressy for my usual tastes. But I do like the look of the overdress, and thought about making my own version, but never finding the right materials to make my own version out of I decided against it. But now I don't have to, I now have the original. This was one I had to repair, but it was so simple. The stitch that held the top part to the bodice had come undone. It didn't rip or anything, the knot had come undone. So I just had to sew them back together and I was done. It took me less than ten minutes and I had the entire thing fixed, super simple. I couldn't have even bought the supplies for two dollars and made it in under ten minutes, so I'm thinking that was a successful purchase. I didn't have anyone in mind when I bought this outfit, still don't. I think I'm just going to stick it in the vintage clothing closet for now. But I may end up using it after all, I've got the option now that I own it!

And after that we have the skirt to Skipper's day at the fair. I got it because it's really cute. I don't have any plans for it, I just liked it. It's in good shape. It is missing part of the clasp thing on it, but other than that it's fine. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it. I wish I had found the bodysuit that went along with it as well. I'm at a bit of a loss at to what fabric I could use to make my own that would compliment the Barbie pattern on the pocket, while still making the outfit visually interesting. But I've got time to think about it. Even though I have several Skipper sized dolls waiting to get dressed it's not like they have to be dressed right now. Maybe the right fabric will come along (or maybe know, who knows).

And finally for today we have the apron to the vintage Barbie outfit "Barbie learns to Babysit". It's in really good shape except for the fact that the black printing on it has transferred black spots all over the rest of the apron (which I read is a common problem). I don't think there's anything I can do to remove it, but I'm not that upset over it. I think it still looks very cute, and the black spots are easily ignored. This is another item that I bought that I didn't have anybody in mind for. Again, might end up living in the vintage clothes closet, but I think it was definitely cute enough to spend two dollars on!

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