Friday, July 27, 2012

Whatta Haul! Part One!

It shouldn't come as much of a shock telling you that I've decided to split up what I got at the doll shop over a couple days of posting when I'm actually talking about what I got in detail. I felt I had talked enough yesterday just talking about my trip there, and both you and my keyboard needed a rest. You've all seen that dark picture of the dolls I got, so there's not too much suspense about those, but each of them will get their own introduction and detailed description over the next few days. I'm sure you're just thrilled about me prattling about my newest dolls, I know I am! (I actually am, you, I'm not so sure about.)

The first doll I'm going to share with you is one that won't be sticking around around here. I actually bought her to resell. I didn't mention it during my original post, but there was a small tote of dolls on the floor in the doll shop, for a dollar each. Most of them were 90's or later dolls, but I did see a beat up Malibu doll and at least one Sun Lovin' Barbie. Even though I could tell that they weren't going to really be of interest to me I still looked through all the dolls in the tote. Come on, they were a dollar, I had to! And that's where I found this first doll I'm sharing with you. I had no idea who she was at the time, but I recognized her body. It's the same body that Dusty had, and Princess Leia (Sp?). So while I didn't know exactly who she was I had an idea who made her and how old she could be. And since She looked to be in really nice shape, and only a dollar, I decided to get her. She was actually the last thing I decided to get, I added her to the pile of stuff I bought as I was walking over to the counter on the other side of the store with the rest of my purchases.
Last night when I was home I quickly found out who she is. She's "International Velvet" from Kenner from 1978. I don't think she's that in demand, but I'm sure she's worth more than a dollar. So she's got a date with the Dollpage soon, once I get the time and the drive to actually list her. I hope somebody wants her. I'd love to have my purchase from the doll shop help finance my next visit! (Even though I'm still twenty dollars in the red to my parents).Moving on from that we have the first from the five dollar box. She's actually not a full doll, she's just a body (so far). It's a vintage Barbie only body in decent shape. It's got a few bumps and scrapes, but it's in pretty good shape. I was shocked to find a decent condition body in the box for only five dollars. In hindsight I wonder if she did have a head, at the bottom of the box was a Bubblecut head that could have come off her. I'm fine that she didn't come with a head, and even if I realized that in the store I wouldn't have put the two of them together. I wouldn't want to cobble something together that wasn't meant to be together. I'm fine with just buying her body. Now I have to go on another hunt for a Vintage Barbie head. Just when I make progress on getting heads for the bodies I have, I go and buy another body. This doll does have a weird thing to mention, one of her legs is a lot longer than the other one. Like a full 1/8 of an inch. I ended up replacing it with a spare one I had. I tried replacing the other one, but couldn't get it to come off, and I didn't want to force it too much and break her. I'd preferred replacing both legs, but at least now she doesn't have such a huge leg height difference.
*Sad Update* I was using this doll as a fit model for some sewing, she fell from my lap to the floor, and her neck knob broke off. I think I'll be able to fix it, but I'm still livid that it happened. Why must I be so clumsy??? No picture of her because everyone's seen a Barbie body before, and I'm still mad I broke the darn thing. >:(

Stay tuned for Part Two, tomorrow!

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