Sunday, July 29, 2012

Whatta Haul! Part Three

Like yesterday we will continue by sharing dolls that came from the case. This next doll was the last doll I picked from the case (in case you can't tell I'm doing these in a really bizarre order). She's actually the doll that I put that other five dollar doll back so I could get. I didn't specifically put her away to get this new doll, but she was the doll I selected after I put that other doll back. The doll I'm talking about is Skipper. She's a titan straight leg doll, and really pretty. Part of the reason why I got her is because her hair is so nice. I own four SL Skipper dolls, three of them I re-rooted because their hair was a mess, that last one I want to re-root, but her face is cracking so I can't. This one will be my first doll with her original not shredded hair. I'm not sure what is it with vintage Skipper hair, but all the dolls I've gotten their hair has not stood the test of time. But not this one, her hair is lovely and full! It's so silky and smooth! Maybe that's why whenever I find Skipper her hair is all messed up, kids couldn't stop playing with it. Anyway, like all the other dolls she has some flaws, not many but some. She has some red staining on her hips (I assume from her original swimsuit), and she has a chip in her lip paint that's white. But that's about it. Can you believe this lovely lady only cost me twelve dollars? I will say it was a little nerve wracking getting her out of the case. She was propped up against a vintage Barbie diary, and I was terrified about knocking it over. I had to reach in at a weird angle to pick her up to even check out her price tag (again, the price was flipped away from me) to avoid knocking anything over. But she's worth it, she's so pretty! Even if that means I have another Skipper to sew for!
And after that we have the first doll that I picked out of the case (I told you I was doing this without any real order). It's Living Fluff! I've been wanting a Fluff doll for a while now, but held off getting them because the ones I find are either really expensive, or really beat up. She was a nice in-between, played with condition with a played with price. She was my most expensive doll that I purchased, costing me fifteen whole dollars! But I think she's worth it. But like I said, she does have her issues. Her arms don't bend any more (A problem that plagues my Living Skipper as well, I guess their arms don't hold up that well to play). Also her bangs are a little thin. I think overall her hair is a little thin, but I could be wrong. I do know her bangs should be much fuller. She's also missing her pin curls. But she's a beautiful doll and I'm glad that I finally own her. I just love her elfin smile! She was the first doll that I washed and reset her hair, although I had to go back and give her another scrubbing later. I don't know what it is with that "Living" rubber, but dirt clings to it like there's no tomorrow. Her legs went from a yellowish color back to their peachy pink!
Stay tuned until tomorrow for part four!

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