Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whatta Haul! Part Two

Like I said in my original post, I got two dolls from the five dollar bin. You met the first one yesterday, and today you get to meet the other one. I won't leave you guessing (especially since I shared the picture of everything I got two days ago), I got a Tutti doll! Yes, my first Tutti doll. There were actually two Tutti dolls in the bin, one with cut hair and one without. Since I was planning on rebodying the doll and just needed the head I picked the one with uncut hair. But her body is actually in pretty decent shape. The only problem she has with her bendy body is her arms. One side has the wire totally gone, the other side it's broken, but she can still bend at the elbow. So I decided to keep her on this body, and get another head down the road for the spare body I have. This body does have a small green spot on the back. That's a sign the body's wires are affecting the rubber body. It's like green ear, but there's no way to avoid it. I've seen bodies on E-bay that are totally green from it, it even spreads to the heads! I'm hoping that since she's lasted this long without it spreading that much it would be too much of a problem. Just to be safe I didn't wash her like I normally do. Instead I just wiped her down with a wet paper towel. I'm so psyched that I have a Tutti doll, she's so cute! I'm not in love with the fact I'm going to have to draft all new patterns in order to sew for her, but I will do it. Now that I've got Tutti I kind of want a Todd doll too. These dolls, always a gateway for something else.Up after Tutti we have our first doll that came from the cases. Like I said in the original post there were more expensive dolls in the cases, but there were still lots that were pretty affordable. In fact four of the dolls I bought were from the cases, and like I said I was well under budget.
There was quite an assortment of doll in the cases, most ranging from vintage to mid 70s'. I did notice that there were a lot of Francie dolls in the cases. Several of them were a bit too expensive for my budget, but I did manage to get one. This lovely lady only cost me ten dollars. She does have her issues. She's had a haircut (she may get a re-root eventually and a hat in the meantime), she has a minor lip rub, she has a chip out of one of her fingers, and there's some weird darkening at both of her knees. But that's about it, she has not bites or breaks, both of her knees click and hold position (both knees in fact are the hardest clicking knees I've dealt with), and she has no paling. One side of her eyelashes are a little sparse, but there's still plenty of lashes and the other side looks relatively perfect. She's a real stunner and it's easily to overlook her minor imperfections, especially when she only cost me ten dollars. I apologize for her messy picture, I didn't clean her up before taking it. For some reason I've been avoiding cleaning her up.
Stay tuned for part three!

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