Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another day, still boring.

Another one of those not so exciting days around here. Really not that much to report.
I did however work on some doll sewing stuff, so I have something to share with you all.

Today I made some progress on a Skipper pattern that I've been working on and off for the past week or so. It's a princess seamed dress similar to the Barbie sized ones with some obvious adjustments. I just used the Barbie sized one as a guide for the patterns shapes for this new one. Today I worked on the sleeves and the sleeves hole openings. I'm trying something new with them, and so far it seems to be working (after lots of tweaking). I made a couple of test pieces trying out the new sleeves and so far I'm liking how it's going. I do need to work out a couple other things with it, and make a couple more test pieces, but hopefully it'll end up being a useable pattern.
I even have an idea for what I want to make with it, but not the material for my idea. Sadly, I don't know if anything close to the material I want is available, much less locally. But I will check out Hobby Lobby the next time I'm in there for something that would work. I do plan on visiting there again soon, I haven't been in for a while but I have another project I need material for, a project I want to look at supplies cost for, and my brother needs some Velcro from there. So I have to go. I'm not really sure when I'll get a chance, but I'm not really all that concern. I still have to finish that pattern before me not having the right fabric becomes an issue.
I'd like to say that tomorrow I'll go back and finish the pattern, but I do have a couple other patterns that need my attention and I might end up working on those, but even if I switch projects I'll be working on something, and that's always a good thing. Although, eventually I'd like to finish one of them!

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