Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy Ken, Busy Aubrey

I started off this morning with Busy Ken's outfit. While his shirt was mostly finished, I needed to make his pants before I could actually finish it. I couldn't put the snaps on before I knew what it was going over. I was not going to sew snaps only to have to tear them out and move them. I hate sewing them the first time, much less the second time.
I did wrestle with what kind of pants he was going to get. Originally I thought about making him a pair of jeans, but wasn't totally sold on the idea. They felt a bit too "dressy" to go with his shirt. I asked my mother what she though, and she suggested red swim shorts, and while I liked that idea I wasn't in love with it. I wanted something more formal. But then I had a thought, why not combine the two ideas? Jean shorts! That would be perfect for him, it would be a nice mix of casual and formal, and be totally era appropriate. This will be the first vintage doll to wear jeans in the collection, jean finally became acceptable day wear in the 70's.
I needed to draft a pattern in order to make them for him. Even though he can't bend his hands enough, he needed to have those fake pockets. Even since I figured out how to make them, everyone's getting them. I really like them. And the pattern isn't even that hard to make. I used a one piece pants pattern that fits modern Ken and the vintage faux pocket shorts I made for vintage Ken to make this new pattern. One quick test of the pattern later I was ready to roll. I didn't need to tweak much on the pattern, I just made the legs shorter. It was the 70's, I could get away with short shorts.
For the fabric I ended up using some denim I had. I bought it a while ago, but just got to use it now. It looks like denim, and really thin, so it's perfect for doll clothes. I didn't use it when I was making Joe's pants because I don't think it works for modern jeans, but would work for vintage ones. I made quick work on the shorts, they are even top stitched with yellow thread. I didn't finish them today however, instead they and the shirt are both soaking in boiling water to get rid of excess dye. I can finish them tomorrow, I wanted to make sure I colorfasted them before I forgot.
Also I wanted to take a break to play with my new phone. Well, my sort of new phone, it's a refurbished model. A couple of days ago I was going to bed when my phone lit up. It said "Syncing Modem, Do not remove battery." I thought this was weird, since it had never happened before, but figured that since it was so late maybe they were doing an update on the phones and went to bed. I woke up hours later to that same message, so I turned to the internet. Turns out that's a hardware issue that randomly happens. There's no update, it means your phone is unusable. We called Verizion, and they said they were going to send a replacement. Like I said, it's a refurbished one, but it's better than no phone. It was free, which was good since this was totally their fault. I can honestly say I've never had a phone die on me. Anyway, so I spent some time playing around with my new phone. Everything on my old phone was unsalvageable, so I'm still working on re-adding my contacts, pictures, and music. I miss my old phone, all the work was already done on that. It's not fun starting from scratch. I really hope this new phone doesn't mess up like my old one, I'm not doing all this work for a third time.

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