Thursday, August 16, 2012

Does this sheet make me look fat?

I headed out again this morning, bright and early. In my defense I needed to. Without a sheet any projects I'm working on are at a total standstill. And since I won't be able to get out at all this upcoming weekend, it was either get it now or wait until Tuesday (at the earliest) for another chance. And I knew that if I waited until Tuesday I'd drive myself crazy obsessing about all the projects that I could be sewing for.
So I went out. I headed to the Christian Second Hand Store to get a cheap sheet to cut up. There were a lot to pick from, but it was hard making a choice. It may sounds silly to you all, but I felt bad cutting up a perfectly usable sheet. It's true that I've used them before, but the ones I used were either ripped and unrepairable, or made of the worst fabric known to man. Those I didn't feel bad using, but a normal sheet I feel bad using it when someone else could use it as is. But eventually I picked out one. A simple white one, it was the cheapest. It also came with a pillow case, but I'm not going to cut that up. I'm sure a pillow around here can use it. I also visited the other second hand stores, but the only thing I got was that sheet.
I didn't start sewing when back at home, I had other things to do before. I ended up opening one of the closets in the hallway (which is rarely used). And wouldn't you know, I found the matching fitted sheet to that horrible fabric straight sheet I just used up. I guess I had tucked it away there a while ago and forgot about it. Silly me! Anyway, I took it and brought it into my room. I'm going to use that one before I start using the sheet I bought today. Watch me forget that I have that one and buy another one when I use up this new (old) one.
Honestly, I really believe that could happen....

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