Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Done with one, progress on another!

I had set out Busy Ken's shirt and pants last night, so they'd be dry by morning, but I forgot how the humidity affects everything, so they were still slightly damp this morning, but I could still work on them like that. It's not like they were still dripping or anything.
I started off working with the shorts. Since they go under the shirt I can't finish the shirt until I've finished the shorts. They just needed the usual seam reinforcements and snaps. They didn't take me too long, there's not that many seams in these pants and they only require one snap, they're one of the least labor intensive things to finish. I managed to get them done pretty quickly and I moved onto the shirt. I had finished most of it yesterday, and all I needed to do to it today was add the three snaps in the back, and I was done. So once that was over I had most of his outfit finished.
All I needed to do was work on the accessories. I already knew that he was going to get some knee socks, I just had to make them. I had to draft a new pattern for them. So I did, making it the way I usually do. It's just when I sewed up my first one, the fit was really off. It was too tight up at the top and too loose around the ankles. So I was forced to draft the pattern again, and do some adapting. I'm not sure what's going on, but lately the sock pattern hasn't been cutting it like it used to. I'm not sure if my standards are higher or I'm doing something wrong. All I know is I finally got a pair of socks made for him that I liked, it just took me four tries.
For shoes I did look through the Ken bag, but I didn't see anything that really called out to me. I wanted sneakers, but ones that matched the colors in his outfit. Sadly I don't have anything that really matched anything. I ended up picking the blue pair that came on Live Action Ken, it was the closest pair I had to what I wanted. It wasn't much of a loss to Live Action Ken, I removed his clothes the moment he arrived. He'll get dressed in something else... eventually.
Now that he had shoes Ken was basically ready to roll, I just wasn't totally happy with him. I liked the outfit, I really did. It's just his busy hand... was empty. He's the only doll in the collection with that feature and I wanted to show it off. I was just having a hard time figuring out what I wanted him to hold. I wanted something small, outfit appropriate, and not too heavy. My Mom suggested a Tennis Racket, and I did like that, but I found something better. I remembered that I had a sports bag somewhere, I got it last Christmas. It's from the 80's, but they didn't change much design wise. It's sort of like a man purse for him. And since it's all fabric it's perfect for him to hold. I ended up stuffing it with some black tulle I had on the desk to fill it up and to keep it light. Open up his hand and slide it in, and he was finally all dressed!
Here's Busy Ken in his dressed blog debut:Now that Busy Ken was dressed I was free to move onto my next project, the only problem with that is, I don't have many projects left. All that I have to work on it... that Skipper dress. I decided to give it one more go. I was going to make one more attempt at it, and if it didn't work out I was done, Skipper was going to have to wear something else. I started fresh, cobbling together a new pattern from several different old ones. A couple test pieces, and I actually made a go at it with the final fabrics, and it worked! It's a little tight in the shoulders, but this dress fits so much better than anything else I've made. I didn't start working on it until later today, and I got all the machine sewing done, but it's going to have to wait until later to finish it. I'm beat. I've been putting in some long hours lately with all the sewing I'm doing.
But it's been totally worth it!


  1. I am digging the socks! Ken looks ready for his outting. Love the stitching in the shorts.

  2. I'm pretty sure my dad wore this same outfit in the early 80's! only his socks had black stripes at the cuff.

    I really like they way you did the shorts, with the pockets and contrast stitching. they look like real shorts.