Friday, August 3, 2012

Finish what I start? NEVER!

You know how yesterday I stated that while I should work on that Skipper dress some more I probably wouldn't? Well that's exactly how that played out this morning. (Funny that, huh?) Instead of picking up where I left off on the Skipper dress I ended up doing some sewing for Joe. But in his (and my) defense, his project predates the Skipper dress by several weeks.
You may remember that I bought some blue argyle calico at Walmart the last time I bought fabric. I was planning on making him a V-neck shirt out of it, but the project stalled. I did work on the pattern, and I even made a muslin for it. A muslin that's been cluttering up my desk for the past couple of weeks. Today I decided to finally take a stab at making the shirt. Best case scenario I'd actually make it and cross it off my to-do list, worst case I'd end up having a slightly more expensive muslin and could finally throw out the original one. So after trying the original muslin on Joe and noting a couple things to change (like adding more seam allowance for the neckline), I got to work.
It actually went together pretty easily. There are a couple flaws with it, but nothing I can't live with. Most of them are in the back, so most of the time they won't be visible. I did notice some odd pulling on the back from the sleeve openings. It's happening on both sides so it's not a sewing error. I wonder if the armholes are a bit too low. I may have to play around with the pattern some to see if I can fix that issue. I know this pattern really wore on my patience when making it, but now that it's serviceable I can start doing tweaks to improve the fit further. Anyway, I didn't finish it today. I got as far as adding on one snap. While I was working on the placement for the second one I noticed that the outfit was looking a little bulky on Joe. One of the things I did when adapting this pattern was remove the side seam curve that the original pattern had. Since this needed to go over both pants and an undershirt I thought it would need to be less form fitting in order to look right. As is it's a straight line from the armholes to the waist. But since the bottom needed to be big enough to fit over his hips, and Joe's got some big ol' hips, it made his torso look very boxy. I think I'm going to have to take the sides in a little bit, and since doing that will throw off the fit in the back I didn't want to bother sewing on snaps in case I needed to change them afterwards. But I didn't do that today.
After Joe was wearing his new shirt (held in the back with pins), I decided it was a cute look for him, very Ivy League Student, but he needed some glasses. I borrowed the only pair I have from Momoko. I've done this before and they really suit his face. I'd love to have more of them, but they're hard to come by, Mattel really doesn't use them any more. I was doing some searches online to see if anyone had any for sale cheap. I ended up on a site that while not what I was looking for, ended up being helpful. It was a site that sold vintage Barbie stuff. On it there was this really cute mod (clone) outfit. It was a pretty sundress, with a floppy hat, and boot. I really liked the look of it, and thought it would look really good on my newest Mod Barbie. The only problem is was the hat. I wish I could make hats, but whenever I try, it's usually a disaster. But then I remembered something, the other day I found a pattern to make a simple sun hat. It looked like it was something I could do, but at the time I really didn't have a use for it, but now I did.
It's really quite simple, you take two circles, sew them together, flip them right side out, top stitch them, sew a smaller circle in the center of the hat with a gathering stitch, gather it up, (pushing it up to make the crown), then sew the gathers down. I did have to figure out what sized circles, but using glasses I was able to get a decent pattern really quickly. I made a quick mock up, then pulled out some fabric to try it for real. I picked that vintage Mod fabric that I bought a while ago and has only used for Julia's dress. I really don't have that much mod fabric to pick from. The hat came out somewhat decent. Learned a few things I'd fix if I made it again, but it is cute. But it's wasn't exactly what I was thinking it was going to be. I was hoping for a cute simple hat, but it looked a lot more dressy than I was expecting. Too dressy for the simple sundress I was planning on making to go with it. So I had to adapt on the fly. I changed a few things about the dress, added a few embellishments and tweaked it as I went along. I still have a lot to do on it, but I'm liking how it's coming out. If things keep going as well as they are, then TNT Barbie will be keeping this dress.
But more about that later!

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