Friday, August 24, 2012

Focus darn it!

I started out this morning focused and ready to sew. My agenda? Finish that dress for Midge. It's so close to being finished, and now that I bought those beads for it, I had everything I needed to finish it. I would love to finally get it done today and be able to move her onto the bookshelf. Since vintage is the section with the most amount of dolls waiting to be dressed it would be great to get one of them finished for my second doll of the month.
I started off with fixing the soft pleating of the skirt. I can't remember if I mentioned it, but there were a couple pleats that were noticeably uneven on one side. In the past I would have just lived with it, but lately I've become more obsessed with getting skirts as close to perfect as I can get them. So I ended up ripping out about four pleats on one side of the skirt and carefully adjusting them until they looked similar enough to the other side. When that was done I was able to sew them down and finally be done with adjusting the skirt. It's a good thing I was finished, I'm not sure how much more sewing and resewing it could take.
After that I went and did the rest of the finishing work. It didn't need much, just a couple minor things, including sewing up the back seam. I had done most of it the last time I worked on the dress, so that didn't take long.
The last thing I did with the dress was incorporate the beads I bought yesterday. When I was in Hobby Lobby I was hoping to buy something I could use as a brooch on the dress, but since I couldn't find anything like that I ended up with the beads. Since beads are a bit more versatile than a brooch like piece, I did toy around with how I would use them on the dress. I almost ended up made a necklace for Midge out of them, but decided that was a bit too fussy for the outfit. Also since they're pointy I was worried about them rubbing up against her neck and causing scratches. I ended up sewing three of them in a line (that I tried to make straight and failed miserably) on her dress. So it sort of looks like a brooch. It's cute and gives the dress some much needed sparkle. And if I find something better I can easily rip them out. They were a bit expensive to only use three from what I bought, but I can still use the rest of them. I wonder if Charlotte needs a necklace...
I didn't bother giving Midge any other jewelry. She did end up with some red ribbon tied at her waist, and some tied in her hair (interesting fact, the spot where her headband is, is un-rooted. She has a legit bald spot for where her hair band has to go. I never knew that before owning one). Anyway, with her ribbons glued, trimmed, and tied she was done!
Here she is in her newly dressed glory:(She actaully doesn't have shoes because I don't have any that go with this dress, we're getting pretty low for decent shoes around here!) Whew, we got our second doll dressed for the month, and we still have like a week to go before the month is over. I wonder if this will be a three dressed doll month? I'd love that.

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