Thursday, August 9, 2012

*Insert cute witty title here* (Because I can't think of one)

Last night after I posted my blog post I got a couple nibbles on some of the stuff that I listed over on the Dollpage. They were both for the more inexpensive stuff I listed, but at least something is getting attention. I replied to them last night, and I was hoping to be able to ship them out today, but no luck. I hadn't heard back from either person by the time I was going out around mid-day.
Yes, I was going out again. I really didn't have to, but the other day I was thinking about the last time I went fabric shopping, neither Hobby Lobby or Walmart had anything close to what I wanted. I was racking where else I could go that was somewhat local, when I remembered that there's a quilting store in town. Duh! I don't go in there very often because they're expensive and it makes my social anxiety (learned that phase recently) flair up, but since I had no other options, I decided to go again. I was hoping that it would have something somewhat similar to what I was looking for, because it was my last option in town.
But there were a couple stops before we visited the Quilting Coop. One of those was the Christian Secondhand store. There wasn't a whole lot to see there, and a lot less to buy. Their toy section has been pretty stagnant for a while now, and the fabric section hasn't fared much better. Which is a good thing I guess, saves me money. I did see something I ended up getting, but not in the toy or craft section. Since they still have a sale going on tapes and I'm still on the lookout for more orange tapes I scanned that section of the store, and didn't see any more (not too shocked since I cleared them out not that long ago). But in the card section I found something interesting. It was a pack of party invitations with Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts on it. I assume that it was from the mid 90s' when the show was released over here. I'm not sure how much their worth, or where to sell them, but since they were really inexpensive I could get them and worry about that later. Although I need to be careful about purchases like that, that Carebears Wrapping Paper is still cluttering up my desk, and I really need to be getting rid of things like that, not adding more to the "to-sell" pile.
After a few boring stops I won't bore you all with it was time to head to the Quilting Coop. I was a little nervous about going in, but I sucked it up and went. The person working there greeted me and let me poke around. Can I just say something? I think that every time I stop in there, there's less fabric for sale. This is my third time visiting, and each time I noticed that there's considerably less fabric then the last time I visited. So, it didn't take me too long to see everything that they had for sale, and see that all of the fabric on bolts really wouldn't work for what I wanted. But I didn't leave empty handed. They had a display set up full of bags of scraps, for 2.50 each. That I managed to find several that interested me. It was so annoying because mainly I'd find bags that I felt really strongly about one of the fabrics in the bag, and neutral at best for the other ones. I ended up selecting four of those bags to buy. So I found the woman working there, and had her ring me up. My total was 10.70, I was paying with a 20, plus exact change. BUT! She didn't have enough money in the register to give me change. Luckily I had exactly ten dollars in my wallet I could use. I didn't want to use it since it was my emergency funds, but she didn't have ten dollars in change. And I have something I'm proud of. She asked me what I was going to do with the scraps, and I answered, honestly! Usually I give a vague answer about crafts and change the subject, but this time I said doll clothes! I don't think I've ever done that before. Guys, I'm growing up!
In the car I opened the bags and saw what I had purchased. I'd say I could use about half of what I bought. Some pieces are too small or too ugly to use for my sewing. There was an entire bag that was full of scraps that I think they should have just thrown out instead of charging the same price as the other bags, they were just too small to be of much use to anybody. But I did get some that I really think I'll end up using. I will have to be careful when cutting and when sewing since I don't have enough fabric to redo anything. I'm also going to have to tailor some designs to how much fabric I have. I won't be able to get those full skirts I love out of some of those, but ultimately I'm happy with what I bought.
Want to see what ten dollars of fabric scraps looks like?
Here you go:At home you'd think I'd get down to sewing now that I have all that fabric, but I didn't. Instead I worked on more blog posts. It's just while I like this fabric and thing it will work for certain projects I have, I'm not committed to anything yet. And since I don't have a lot to spare on most of the the fabrics, I'd rather use it when I really like something. I'm sure I'll get sewing soon, just not today!

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