Saturday, August 11, 2012

"It's ALIVE!"

So this happened this morning:And this happened this evening:Look familiar? (If you can see anything in those terrible pictures). It should, you've seen both those dolls before, just not in those combinations. This morning I was doing a Flickr search on Malibu Francie, seeing how other people dress theirs to see what I did and did not like on her. I saw a picture of a Japanese doll head on a Malibu Francie body, it looked similar to Sweet Sixteen. I thought "I wish Sweet Sixteen was on a Francie body, she'd be so easier to dress." But then I wondered, why isn't she? I have a spare Francie body, and the only people stopping me from doing it is me. It's weird, the thought didn't even occur to me. So I took off her head, and put it on the Francie body. I'm still adjusting to the change. I'm not really sure if I like it that much to keep her on it. While I like the smaller bust, the smaller proportions everywhere makes her head feel gigantic. Either way she's not keeping this body. It's the one I got from my birthday with the busted leg. If I do decide to keep her on it, I think I'll hunt down a better condition one for her. I'd love to find her a straight leg Francie body, if I do decide to keep her like that.
And that second doll came about because I had Sweet Sixteen's old body free and I cannot leave well enough alone. Even though I'm still not sure if she'll be staying on the Francie body, I just hat to put a new head on her original body. I looked through my spare heads and found that Quick Curl Kelley was the closest match to the skin tone. So I plopped her head on. Again, I'm not totally in love with it. The body is a bit more peachy than I'd prefer compared to the head, and also I'm not sure if I like having a 70's doll with the vintage style hands, it just feels weird (even though this body was produced in the 70's). I'd much rather getting a body for her that has the Mexico arms, these dolls are so ingrained in my mind using those bodies they look weird without it. If Sweet Sixteen does end up staying on the Francie body, this will only be a temporary body for Kelley too. For now I'm going to stick her away in the closet again. Since I'm trying to see how I warm up to Sweet Sixteen's new body I don't want to keep seeing the old one and being reminding this one's different.
Other than that (and spending time dressing up Sweet Sixteen in Francie sized clothing), not too much to report today. I did get an e-mail from someone interested in buying a boxed doll from me. They were curious about the condition of the box, so I volunteered to take some new pictures of it and they accepted. I sent the pictures a couple hours ago, and haven't heard back from them yet. I'm not worried or anything, it's only been a couple hours like I said. I'd really like for this doll to sell. I bought it a while ago and decided it wasn't something I wanted and I've been trying to sell it at cost for a few years now. It's expensive (compared to the other stuff I sell), and at twenty dollars would be 1/5 of my going back to the Swell Doll Shop budget. Finger's crossed for me Dear Readers that she'll be okay with the box condition and shipping won't be a deal breaker like it's been in the past.

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