Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kind of progress, Kind of not...

This morning I pulled all the dolls off the sewing cabinet. Even though this past week has been wonderful for dressing them, there's still a great deal of them waiting for me to get them clothed. So for fun I broke them down by era to see how many of each I still had left. Vintage has the highest amount with seven, not shocking since it was the biggest era at the start of the month and only one vintage doll got dressed this month, Mod dolls are down to six, 70's dolls have dwindled down to two, and the random grouping (either modern dolls, or dolls I don't plan on dressing era specific) has five. Hopefully their numbers will keep going lower as I get them dressed and they move from the sewing cabinet and onto the bookshelf, and hopefully I can keep their spots empty and not fill the sewing cabinet top back up. They finally have enough room so they're not squashed up against each other.
By the way, I didn't include TNT Skipper in the dolls I mentioned above. While I'm still working on her dress, she's been hanging out on my desk. I hope from there she'll move into the collection, but I'm going to have to finish her dress first, but I didn't work on that today. Instead I picked up a project for one of the Francie dolls that I have to dress.
Instead of working on Skipper's dress I was doing some online searches for clothing. I was hoping to find something that would help me dress someone else, and I did. It was a really cute sleeveless drop waisted dress. It was originally for a child, but I thought it would work for Francie. I even had a pattern that I could use for it, but I would need to adapt it. So this morning I spent some time tweaking a Barbie pattern until I worked for Francie. But when I pulled out the fabrics that worked perfectly in my head, in person they did not live up to expectations. Like, I hated them together. I ended up looking through my entire fabric stash for something that would work, but no luck. I really don't have much in ways of Mod fabric. I even thought about making my own and paying the super high prices of Spoonflower, but since I don't have any free cash, I quickly ruled that out. I just gave up, I would like to go back to it, since I think it would be really cute for Francie, but I know I won't be able to find that exact fabric I pictured in my head, and I know locally finding any Mod looking fabrics is practically impossible.
I'm sorry Francie, I guess your dress will just have to wait.
But even after that I didn't go back and work on Skipper's dress. Instead I worked on something for Charlotte, but I needed to because I was fixing something I messed up. The other day I was changing Charlotte's clothes and I ended up picking out that black dress I made for her... two years ago? I made it before I went up to Connecticut for fake Christmas when I was searching ever gosh darn Target for that Barbie Basic shoe pack. I made it because I wanted something that would go with every single pair of shoes since I was traveling and couldn't pack ten different outfits. And while I never found the shoe pack until I came back from that trip, this dress was the total silver lining to that whole ordeal. I really like this dress, it's easily one of the top three outfits of Charlotte's. It's just so... her. Anyway, when she was wearing it, I kept picking out the bottom hem. Since it's an older dress, and I made it rather quickly there's some issues with it. It was a good attempt at the time, but I've gotten better since then. I ended up accidentally picking out part of the bottom hem. So I decided to remove it all and redo it by hand. All this happened a couple of days ago and today I finally got around to doing it.
In all honestly, I think I'll end up remaking this dress. There's several issues that I want to fix with it. I was still using the gathering method when attaching skirts and the ruffle on the bottom so it looks pretty amateurish. I mean it doesn't look terrible, but I know I can do better. But I don't have any black calico and the bolt Hobby Lobby has is terrible, so I doubt I'll get any anytime soon, but Charlotte's fine wearing this one as it. And hey, it just got an hem upgrade today!
I'll work on that Skipper dress tomorrow, nothing like waiting until the last minute to get a doll dressed, right?

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