Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moving on...

I didn't go back to working on Joe's pants today. For some reason lately it's been that each of my projects get one day to be worked on. Either I finish them in that time, or I move onto something else and they have to wait until I come back to them, if I ever do.
Case in point, today.
Instead of finishing Joe's pants from yesterday I started working on something for my Bend Leg Midge. A couple of days ago I found an outfit online that I thought would work for her. It was a cute dress with a matching jacket. I sketched it out, picked out the fabric, and even started working on it. I started with the jacket, since that was going to need some pattern adapting. But... I ended up not liking it. It just was not a cute look, so I gave up on it. I took the jacket and stuck it into the unfinished project box. But I wasn't finished with the dress that was going to go under the jacket. I was however a little hesitant to start working on it then, but today I felt it was time, also I was avoiding working on Joe's pants, so this gave me a good excuse not to.
I was working with one of the new fabrics that I bought from the Quilting Coop. It's a off-white cotton (all the fabrics I got there were cottons) with a small floral print. It's mainly green vines with small red flowers. For the sewing pattern I was picking some old favorites, I literally made this same dress for my American Girl last year, with a minor change. I wasn't going to line this one. Other than that, it was pretty much the same.
So it's not that surprising when for the most part it went together pretty easily, but I didn't finish it today. There's a couple spots on the skirt that I need to fix, and I want to hand hem the skirt hem and I ran out of patience with it today.
I'm sure I'll get back to it...


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