Friday, August 31, 2012

Nothing like the last minute indeed.

You would have thought that on the last day of the month that I'd be making sure I started with getting that Skipper dress finished so I could claim that I got six dolls dressed this month. If you did think that, clearly you don't know me that well. Because instead of working on that Skipper dress, I did other stuff. Mainly cleaning (my room's a mess) and blog stuff (you would not believe how many days I'm behind). I didn't make great strides in either of those tasks, but at this point every little bit helps.
It wasn't until the late evening that I sat down to work on the Skipper dress. I had all the machine sewing done day ago, so I just needed to finish it up. I started with ironing the pleats of the skirt. From there I just did my usual finishing up work, including hand hemming the skirt. I did change it a little bit from how I was planning on finishing it, I was going to do a bow at the waistband in the red ribbon, but decided against it, just having the ribbon around the waist.
And so, without further discussion, let me share with you Skipper, our SIXTH dressed doll of the month.
I think it's cute, there's a couple things wrong with it, that if I made it again I'd fix, but it certainly works for her. I'm glad she's finally been able to move into the collection. Poor Skipper's been waiting since October of last year! There's still several dolls from last year waiting to be dressed, but whenever one gets dressed it's reason to celebrate!
Happy End of the Month Everyone!

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