Friday, August 17, 2012

On the Town... briefly

I went out again this morning, but it wasn't a fun trip, it was totally business. I had something sell! It was the more expensive boxed doll that I mentioned the other day (at least I think I mentioned it). The seller paid yesterday and I wanted to get it into the mail today, or I'd have to wait until Tuesday and I wanted it done before then. And I did, and now it's in the postal system's hands. I'm glad it sold, I've had it forever and I'm tired of renewing the ad. Plus, more money doesn't hurt.
Can I say something that's been bugging me lately? In the past few weeks I've had four people contact me about stuff I have on the Dollpage. They contact me, get a shipping quote, agree to buy the thing, then I never hear from them again. They literally fall off the face of the Earth. I never hear from them again. And it's all separate people, for different things. I really have no clue why people are doing that. They're the ones who initialed the conversation and agreed to buy it, why just leave me hanging like that? They could have easily had an out by claiming shipping was too high. I can understand about changing your mind, but how hard would it be to send me an e-mail letting me know? Today after waiting around for someone for almost a week to pay me I took something off hold for them. They can still buy it, but if somebody buys it before them it's their loss. I'm not going to wait around any longer. I guess there's rude people all over the place and the doll community is no different. It's just weird that lately there's been a string of them stringing me on.
Anyway, the post office was the only place I went when out, I headed back home to work on some sewing. I had an idea for a Skipper outfit I wanted to try. It was a two piece outfit, a top and a full skirt. I was working on the top today since I haven't decided on the material I want the use for the skirt yet. I was using my tried and true Skipper shell blouse pattern, with some changes. I ended up adjusting the sleeve openings. They're a bit long on the original pattern and I wanted to fix that. Other than that it's pretty standard stuff. I am adding little bit of decoration to it though so it's not totally plain. It's some lace that I gathered that runs down the front with some ribbon over it. I did all the machine sewing on it today, but didn't bother finishing it, I just wasn't liking it. I think I'm going to go another direction with it. Into the unfinished sewing project box it goes. Did I mention that I'm thinking about bringing back "Finish it up Friday"?
That box is getting ready to overflow again.

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