Monday, August 6, 2012

One step forward, two steps back.

Good news everyone! I was able to pay my parents back that twenty dollars I borrowed from them to go to the doll shop today. I wanted to pay them back as soon as possible. I just don't like having owed money hanging over my head, it's not like they were bugging me to pay it back right away! And now that I'm all paid up, I can start saving up for my next visit! (I know, I have an addiction, but I'm not yet willing to admit it's a problem yet.) I'm hoping to save up 100 dollars before I go back, but besides my money goals, I am doing something else before I go back. It's that before I go again, I have to dress the number of dolls I bought from there. They don't have to be the actual dolls that I bought, but seven people who are sitting on the sewing cabinet right have to move to the bookshelf before I can go back, no matter when I reach my money saving goal. This little stipulation will hopefully keep me from getting overwhelmed by new dolls. Right now, there's 22 of them waiting for me on the sewing cabinet. That's more than some entire shelves over on the bookshelf! But since I got that TNT Barbie dressed and moved to the bookcase a couple days ago I only need to dress six more dolls. I've made progress on both aspects, dressed dolls and financial. Awesome!
On some sewing related news today I took another stab at that dress I messed up on yesterday. This time I ended up just lining the thing instead of using tulle. I made pretty decent progress on it. I got the entire bodice finished, I even reinforced the seams on it. For some reason the back ended up being a bit bigger than it should have been, so I ended up having to add some darts on the back. Luckily I hadn't put the skirt in when I discovered that issue so I was able to easily fix it.
I even started working on the skirt. I cut it out, and used tulle to hem it, but before I started pinning it to the bodice, I realized that it needed to be lined. It was looking really see through, and I don't want that. When I was thinking about what to do to fix this problem, I decided something, I was done with this dress. I really didn't want to bother with it any more. I just didn't care for the dress. It wasn't working for me. I really should have known it would be like this. I've been thinking about this dress for so long, but haven't actually managed to make it. When something like that doesn't excite me enough to make it when I first think about it, it rarely ends up working out when I finally force myself to make it. So I gave up. I put what I made in the unfinished project box, folded up the fabric, put that back, then put away the patterns I was working with. Might as well banish every aspect of it since I'm officially done with it.
Sometimes these things happen, at least I got that dress out of my system. And sometimes I just have to make something and have it not work out before I can fully divorce myself from it. At least now I'm officially done with it. I guess it's back looking for interesting dresses to inspire me!

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