Sunday, August 5, 2012


While I let going out get the best of me yesterday, today I was determined to finish that Barbie dress, currently named "Groovy Garden Party". (I think it's cute). While it was mostly finished I still did have to do some machine sewing on it. I had to sew down the bottom ruffle for real (It was just held on with holding stitches before) and fix one of the under bust darts. Those were really simple to do, and then I could start actually finishing it. Which is exactly how it all went down.
I did my usual seam reinforcement, then adding the ribbon details to the waist, including the bow, followed by snaps. I thought I could get away with just two, but I had to add a third one because there was a little gaping going on in the backside area. I sewed up the back seam, glued the ribbons so the edges wouldn't fray, and the dress was done! Not done however was the hat.
It was mostly done. I had already trimmed off the excess threads earlier. All I needed to do was attach a ribbon around the crown to cover the stitches that hold the gathers, which is easier said than done. I just couldn't get it to look how I wanted. I eventually had to cut my losses when it was apparent that I just wasn't going to get it exactly how I thought it should look. It's passable, but if I ever remade this hat I know a couple things I'd do differently.
After that it was time to accessorize. I gave her those pink pearlized flats I bought a while back (her best shoe option), followed by a pearl bracelet. I felt she needed some jewelry, but didn't want something too showy. The bracelet is a nice mix of dressy, classy, and understated. And so finally I present to you, Co-Co Go-Go TNT Barbie in "Groovy Garden Party":I think it's adorable, and I'm psyched that I dressed a doll so early in the month. Lately I've only dressed any dolls at the end of the month. This is a refreshing change. She's already joined the collection, even though she's dreadfully close to Julia who's wearing a dress made from that exact pattern... (How gouache!)

But after I finished that I wasn't done sewing just yet. I've been thinking about a dress for my Lemon Bubblecut. I thought it up a bit ago, but haven't found the motivation to actually start it. I would need to do some pattern adapting, and I needed to make it out of super slippery taffeta so I was a little hesitant. But since I had the confidence of getting one doll dressed, plus nothing else to sew I started to work on it. I was quickly able to tweak the pattern, then got to work on the actual bodice. I was lining it with tulle to help me with the hemming at the neck hole and arm holes. I wasn't going to top stitch it (I don't have the correct matching thread), but instead I was going to hand sew them down with a hidden stitch after I made the entire bodice. And since I was working with taffeta I needed to be really careful about fraying. I ended up doing a zigzag stitch on the side seams to cut down on the fraying. It was then that I discovered that I messed up. One of the underbust darts had gotten caught and had been sewed up into the side seam. It was throwing off the fit at the waist. Since I had just zigzagged the side seams I couldn't easily undo it and fix it. Instead I decided to cut the dart free. And to keep that area from fraying I was going to zigzag it as well. But since it was such a narrow seam, using the machine on it had the opposite effect, all it did was cause it to fray terribly. And it was in a highly visible area! No way to fix that little issue. I ended up ripping up the bodice and throwing it out.
It's dead to me! That was annoying, but at least Groovy Garden Party looks adorable!