Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shirts for everyone! (Okay, really for no one)

Guess who did some doll sewing today? That's right, me!
Nothing new mind you, but it's a step in a right direction.

The other day I found a new pattern book. It was one for making a variety of clothing for Barbie and Ken. I really didn't care for most of them since they weren't my style or it didn't look like they fit that well, but some of the Ken dolls they used to model the fashions were the Myscene dolls. And since I know Joe can wear Myscene clothing I was hopeful that the patterns could be used for Joe. So today I printed out several of the Ken patterns. While I would like to make several of the ones I printed out, I was especially interested in the collared shirt in the book. That one was the first one on my "to make" list.
But it turns out I couldn't use that patterns. I could tell that it were going to be too small even when I just had them printed out, but still I did a quick fabric mock up with them, and there was no way that shirt was going to close. I did however like how the fit of the sleeve holes and neck hole on Joe. So I made a hybrid. I used my original (still working on) pattern and this new one and combined the two. I used the initial fit of mine with the sleeve and neck openings of the new one. The original ones were a little bit different, but not outlandishly so. They were both rather minor tweaks.
So I've been back on making test pieces, then tweaking the pattern, then testing it again for this shirt pattern. I think I've made four different pieces today. I'm actually making progress on the collar which was the major sticking point the last time I worked on it. I'm nowhere near finished, but I'm liking the results so far. With some more tweaks (and some research) I might actually be able to make a collard shirt for Joe soon. I actually had to stop before I was ready to today. With all my recent pattern testing I've made short work of the sheets I use for throw away projects. They're nothing but tiny scraps now. I'm going to hit up the thrift store for another one if I want to keep testing out these patterns. I hate being at a stand still like that.
Ugh, now I want to sew, but can't! Why can't I win?!?!?

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