Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today was a No Sew Day

My day did not start off so well. I was super tired this morning and ended up sleeping in much later than I usually do, but even after that I was still feeling really icky when I finally got up. There wasn't any specifically wrong with me, I just felt off and out of sorts. I didn't get much done this morning since I slept through most of it.
The afternoon was a bit more productive because I ended up going out. I was feeling bad, but not bad enough to keep me from going out. But I did feel better as the day went on. And since I wanted to get something for Midge's dress, I had to go out.
And of course since I was out I had to stop into the second hand stores. Most of them were a bust, didn't find a single thing that was interesting. But at the last store we stopped into I found something sort of interesting. It was a pattern for making Barbie furniture. It's McCall's crafts 8140. It shows you how to make all sorts of different furniture. Now that's not really my forte, but I do have a passing interest in it. And since you never know where my interests will lead me I figured I should get it. Also I do make it a habit of buying any doll related sewing patterns I find (when decent prices), so it's sort of an off shoot of the collection in itself by now. This pattern looks to be totally unused, so it's certainly not a bad price at a quarter. I couldn't even get it shipped for that cheap. The envelope has some water damage, but the pattern itself is fine and totally uncut.
And finally I went to Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby seems to have been overtaken by Christmas. They started with a few stands in the isles weeks ago and has swelled to most of the seasonal section, then the gardening section, and now there's Christmas trees all over. It's August for Pete Sake! I can't think about Christmas yet! And yes, I did stroll through the section, I can't help it. I was looking for those large spools of tulle, didn't find any. They might not be stocking them yet. When I was done there I headed over to the jewelry section to find something shiny for Midge's dress. The other day when I was working on it, I decided it needed some jewelry, like a broach on it. I really didn't find too much of what I wanted, but eventually settled on some red glass beads. They're Bead Treasures Brand (half off this week), 3mm LT Siam Bicone (whatever that means). I just got them because they're small and would sort of work for what I want. From there I went to the sewing section because even though I'm not in need of anything I had to stop in there.
I didn't see much in terms of new fabric. I looked at their white fabric to see if they had replaced their shoddy bolt, they had not. I also checked out their Christmas fabrics. Yes, they got to me, I'm thinking about Christmas. I was thinking about how I dressed everyone on Charlotte's shelf last year in Holiday clothes. For the most part everyone that I dressed last year will wear the same thing this year. I do plan on making Charlotte a new dress (whatever that may be), and I do hope to dress some of the vintage dolls this year, since I have most of the dolls on Charlotte's shelf already dressed. But thinking about Christmas got me thinking about an even closer holiday, Halloween. Again, people will most likely end up in the same outfit as last year except Charlotte (and maybe Joe), but I still haven't put much though into who Charlotte will be going as this year. I've only been dressing her up for about three years now. She's been Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Little Red Riding Hood, and Odette from Swan Lake. And honestly, I didn't really care for that Odette costume, I don't even keep it on her garment rack. I don't plan on her ever wearing it again. I did stroll around the fabric section hoping it would inspire me, but it didn't. I did find a fabric covered with nursery rhyme characters and she almost was going to be Mother Goose, but the colors weren't very interesting, also it seemed so boring, so I decided to not do that. I know it's still August and October is still far away, but I should be thinking about it. Leaving it until the last minute is how I ended up with Odette, after the Dutch girl costume didn't work for her and I had to scramble for something else. Hopefully I can find something that I really like.
I didn't get any fabric while out, instead I picked up a spool of white thread. I had the forty percent off coupon and needed to use it on something. I figured white thread is always a good buy since I use it a lot, and I noticed the other day my current spool was running a bit low. So a pretty practical purchase!
Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to sewing, that Midge dress is so close to being finished!

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