Monday, August 13, 2012


We have a little more information about M. Turns out that girl in the car with them was underage, she's 16. She was also M's daughter. The thought never occurred to me that it might be one of his children. I don't know much about his children other than the fact that there's at least six of them, from at least four different mothers. She wasn't exactly uninjured in the crash. She suffered a broken pelvis and something else that I'm forgetting at the moment. (But it could have been worse) I'm still not sure about the guys connection to either M or his daughter. They're planning an autopsy for M, so there's not much news on the funeral plans. I guess they are investigating possibly charging the driver over the accident. Time will tell.
Personally I didn't do much today. Even though I have all that new fabric I still haven't figured out what I want to do with it. I have some ideas, but nothing solid enough that motivates me to get sewing. And I'd really like to have whatever I sew with it all planned out since I don't have enough for do overs in case I mess up. I'm sure something will come to me eventually, I just hate waiting!
But I did do some sewing. A few weeks ago I found a pattern among my stash for a Pirate coat that oddly looked the right size for Joe. I printed it out, made a mock up, then started making it out of that black wool I bought a while back. I'm not sure why I decided to make it, it's not like it was something really missing from his wardrobe, but I started to make it. But I quickly got bored with it and put it away. Today I pulled it back out and did some more work on it. I'm not in love with how it's coming out, if I was making it again I would definitely do some things differently, but what's done is done. I ended up messing up the collar and instead of ripping it out I just decided I was done for the day. I'll come back to it eventually and work on it some more down the road. This is a total impulse project, so it's not like there's a deadline or anything with it. Although Halloween is coming up...
I also replied to an E-mail, one that I've been putting off since yesterday. You see, I contacted the North Carolina Barbie Group on Sunday trying to learn more about them and possibly joining them (at least one meeting). I heard back from Linda (who I believes is the head person) in a really detailed e-mail. It was a little daunting replying to everything she told me, but I felt that waiting 24 hours was busy, 48 was rude, so I wanted to e-mail her back today. I got that taken care of and sent back to her. I'm still really nervous and even thinking about it makes my social anxiety flair up, but I do want to be more social within the Barbie community. I mean I was just talking about how I felt like an outsider in the Barbie community, and this would be a way to actually meet people. They don't have their next meeting until September 8th, and I might not be able to make it, but at least I'm making the effort.
Although, just wait for September 8th's post, "A is still for Aubrey and A is still for awkward", but at least I'm putting myself out there, which is a big step for me.
Wish me luck!

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